Dahon's Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Conquering the Roads with Foldable Green Technology

DAHON was founded on a vision of “green” mobility, a form of transportation that not only serves to keep people healthier, but also preserves the environment for the next generation.

We believe that a truly green product is one that is not disposable but is well made, and designed to bring its owner many years of enjoyable use. DAHON holds a premium place in the market by continuously striving to provide the best folding bicycles money can buy, and always staying a step ahead in terms of technology. We feel that foldable bicycles can, and should, deliver ride performance as good as or better than a traditional bike.

Dr. Hon is by nature a relentless innovator. Before the newest product even lands in the shops he’s already pursuing ways to make the next generation of DAHON folding bikes even better. This is our company culture. By making bicycles that are easier and more convenient to use, we can help increase the number of people able to fit cycling into their lives. That’s why you’ll find there’s a DAHON folding bike that’s right for virtually every individual, and for every situation.

What’s more, we at DAHON practice what we preach: many of our 800+ employees travel to work by bike, public transport, or a combination of both and participate in biking events on weekends and holidays.

We’re happy DAHON folding bikes are making such a difference in the lives of people around the world. Rest assured, we aren’t slowing down – we’re only getting started! - Dr. David Hon


Encouraging People and Ideas

Evolutionary Management Style Nurtures and Rewards

DAHON is a diversified company, serving markets around the world with a broad array of innovative products which we manufacture and assemble in our factories and facilities on several continents. Our employees, too, are a colorful mix:  individuals talented, creative and dedicated to environmental conservation as a lifestyle.  To support all this vitality, our management teams are flexible and their style evolutionary, dealing with changing markets and rapid company expansion and development. We nurture team effort and reward excellence, encouraging individual and group contributions to innovation. This is DAHON’s commitment, and what CEO and founder Dr. David Hon calls “management with a human face”.

DAHON’s 15% Pledge

Our Best Efforts Every Year

In committing 15% of our annual efforts to innovation, we pledge to deliver our customers our best efforts every year.  This 15% development goal manifests itself in increased riding performance and comfort, improved folding and other technology and enhanced durability.  

ISO 26000

Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 is a voluntary International Standard established to provide guidance to  businesses and organizations of every kind in their assumtion of social responsibility in both the public and private sectors.

DAHON proudly supports ISO 26000 and actively integrate these guidlines for social responsibility in all our company practices and policies.


Addressing Environmental & Urban Challenges through Sound Bicycle Policy

The European Twowheel Retailers' Association (ETRA) is an organization dedicated to the betterment of the world's urban and environmental situations through bicycling. This Europe-wide association promotes the bicycle as a means of transportation uniquely able to contribute to the solution of many health and environmental problems faced by today's societies.

DAHON shares these beliefs and contributes to the organization's efforts as an associated member.

Ik Kyoto

Cycle Chic!

“Ik Kyoto” is a Belgium-wide campaign focusing on sustainable commuter traffic by encouraging people to take their bike, walk, carpool, or take public transport to get to work.

Participating companies collectively track how much CO2 their employees save over a four week period and winners are awarded prizes up of to €25,000 in value. DAHON supports this campaign by donating its products to the cause and is proud to have helped Ik Kyoto reduce CO2 emissions by 900 tons in the past year.



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