Dahon Mu N360

Dahon Mu N360

Down Wall Street Canyon and up Bloomingdale Lane, Changing gears has never been easier!

My Mu N360 CVP has me riding on a cloud with intuitive, ultra-smooth shifting – and, from the comfort side, gives me all I want and more for enjoyable and discerning urban glide: the Ultimate Urban Riding Experience. DAHON’s in-a-snap folding technology has me parked in 15 seconds!

Riding on a cloud with intuitive, ultra-smooth shifting: the seamless NuVinci N360™ Drivetrain

The NuVinci N360™ CVP Drivetrain delivers easy, intuitive shifting across a wide range of gears. Mu’s exceptional frame and patented folding system give the rider everything she or he needs for enjoyable urban commuting or leisurely getaways.