Spotlight on -The DAHON Ciao i7


Get to know the Ciao i7 folding bike a little better

Since its launch and Eurobike award in 2005, the Ciao has been firm favorite and permanent fixture in the DAHON lineup. With a folding frame made of aluminum for weight saving and shape forming reasons, the Ciao is a compact, step-through beauty. Inspired by the upright seating position and low-step frames of Dutch bikes, the Ciao frame shape is all about comfort and convenience. Jump on and enjoy the relaxed ride, hop off and park in no time. The high top tube of mountain and road bikes can be awkward to negotiate. Even without mobility issues or a long skirt, a low frame is just so easygoing. Stem and handlebar positioning means you can sit in an upright posture that is easier on your spine and won’t leave you with hunched up shoulders, or pressure on your wrists.

The 2016 Ciao i7 has a 7 speed Shimano Nexus hub, for low maintenance, with comfy Revo twist shifters. The 7 gears are paced just right for city or leisure rides, covering all your needs with ease. Plus this incarnation comes with 20″ wheels that still allow for a compact fold that you can take on the metro, or bring indoors for easy and safe storage. This 13.7kg bike could just open you up a whole new perspective on urban living.