Beware of Fraudulent DAHON Folding Bicycles

Because patent infringement and counterfeits have become so common in many parts of the world, it has become vital for DAHON to take action. Beginning with the 2012 product line, every DAHON branded bicycle now bears a serialized 3D holographic label as proof to dealers and consumers that the DAHON folding bicycles they purchase are genuine. Authenticate and register your folding bike below.

For current bikes with a 16-digit authentication number
For bikes 2012-2019, with a 12 digit authentication number (enter without spaces)
DAHON offers a warranty extension for registered owners. If your bike does not have a laser sticker you may still register.
Not able to authenticate your bike? This might not mean your product is not genuine.

Please email contact@dahon.com with your serial number (located stamped into the bottom bracket of the bicycle frame) to confirm.