Dahon Frames


Folding in a flash and with a flick of the thumb, this new technique takes our vertical folding technology to a whole new level. Seamlessly incorporated into the bike´s Hydroformed frame, the bike´s strong folding hinge is hardly noticeable – you barely even know it´s there! Our engineers at DAHON combined a bunch of different technologies to create the EEZZ folding technology that allows the bike to fold down faster, easier and smaller than any of our other bikes.


At DAHON, we wanted to create a bike that was not only reliable, but smooth enough to fold without wrinkling your Armani suit or scuffing your Jimmy Choos. As a result, we developed the Jiffold technology. This innovative vertical folding style requires no lifting - just a twist and flip of a couple latches and your bike is transformed into a compact traveling partner. The center latch ensures the frame rigidity you expect from DAHON folding bikes while the fine-tuned frame geometry allows a stable ride that inspires confidence.


Think of the easiest, fastest way stow your bike and you get "Flatpak". Bicycles equipped with Flatpak need no tools, and the user-friendly stem allows the handlebar to rotate 90°. The brake levers are exceptionally thin and the release levers respond to a flip of the wrist. Paired with one of DAHON's patented folding pedal designs, you get a bike that goes from 3-D to 2-D in minutes, storing almost completely flat. The narrowest space becomes your bike's "garage", with no one getting caught on protruding parts, pedals or handlebars.


ViseGrip latching mechanisms are very, very strong. Thanks to their patented design, they are marvelously easy to operate,with a smooth, ergonomic latch that fits easily in the hand. The hinge pin is of stainless steel and brass bushings buffer moving parts - quality all round.


The hinge is the most critical part of any folding bicycle frame. After two years of design, testing, and FEA analysis, DAHON completed development on the Lattice forged hinge. Cold forged for strength and CNC tooled for minimum weight, its features include a stainless steel hinge pin and brass washers for long-term durability, even under harshest riding conditions.


V-Clamp technology is the strongest, most ingenious folding technology we’ve ever developed. Found on our higher-end frames, a solid stainless steel plate maximizes the surface area of the V-Clamp to secure the hinge in the closed position. Stainless steel hardware and brass bushings provide outstanding durability.


The perfect hinge is strong, light and virtually invisible. With the LockJaw, we have come very close. Bikes equipped with the LockJaw hinge look like regular bikes - you have to get up really close to see the difference. The LockJaw operates with a 6 mm Allen tool: a half turn opens the hinge; a half turn back locks it securely. With LockJaw, you get folding convenience in standard bike format.


Hydroforming technology shapes aluminum into strong, complex but lightweight shapes - ones that would be impossible with traditional forming techniques. In this process, an aluminum tube is placed into a negative mold. Hydraulic fluid is then forced at very high pressures into the mold, causing the aluminum to conform to the space. Hydroformed tubes typically have a higher strength to weight ratio because their thickness and shape can be precisely controlled and optimized.


The Vector Frame Platform is evolutionary in folding bike frame design. Using Hydroforming technology, we have gracefully shaped oversized frame tubes to make them intensely strong where they need to be and light everywhere else - our Vector frames are the lightest and strongest in their class and the unique frame configuration lets these DAHON´s fold smaller than most 20" wheel designs anywhere.


Small wheel folding bikes have a reputation for "twitchy" handling – but "twitchy" handling is more the result of poor frame geometry than small wheel size. DAHON frame geometry instills confidence through stable handling – the result of 30 years of refinements by the DAHON engineering team.



Traditional bike frames with high top tubes can be intimidating to new cyclists or riders with limitations and, mounting with a skirt or kilt can also be inconvenient. The DAHON GroundFloor frame features a very low step-over height, making getting on and off a DAHON folding bike easier than ever.


DAHON's NoLift design lets you conveniently fold your bike without ever having to lift it off the ground. The secret to DAHON's Nolift design is in the balanced weight distribution and tripod (three-point) folding position. The seat post is your helper, assisting you in folding your bike with minimum effort. Better still: when folded, your DAHON folding bike stands by itself!


Traditional bike technology made no provision for the long handle posts used in today's folding bicycles, resulting in flex in the handle posts of many models. Not with our folding bikes: DAHON's patented Fusion technology fuses frame, fork and handle post into one single, flex-free element of exceptional stability.


The new DAHON innovation that increases the stability of your bike when folded. Easy to install, the new SnapLok technology "snaps" the folded frame into position and features a simple release function when you need to assemble your bike.


Patented Magnetix technology is a simple yet ingenious system that uses magnets to hold a folded DAHON folding bike neatly together till it's needed again.