DAHON Technology Sharing Program


Introducing DAHON’s Double Branding Licensing Program and IPR Sharing Program

The sharing economy is a growing global trend. Here, DAHON presents to you a great business opportunity – sharing DAHON’s successes.


For any company, innovation and brand value drives profit.


Many people know that DAHON has been committed to green mobility since the very beginning. After 40 years, DAHON’s folding bike technology (average 4 – 5) is found on almost every single one of the 10 million or so folding bikes and e-folding bikes sold globally annually. Thus, the market value of our technology is indisputable. In line with our corporate mission, and capitalizing on China’s enhanced Intellectual Property Rights protection, we are sharing our IPRs with the industry in a technology sharing program (TLP) – in terms of sharing quality parts previously exclusive for our own products.

Patented DAHON folding, and Regular Parts enhance quality whilst offering economically effective versions of existing products. The company is not only focused on technological innovation but is also committed to sharing its technology with the industry. The program includes a range of DAHON’s latest patented technology components, such as a D4A and D2D folding stems, foam saddle, rims, hubs, frames, chain wheels, hinges, breaks, handleposts, handlebars, cranksets, pedals, and PostPumps (integrated bicycle pump and seatpost), as well as complete bikes via a Double Branding arrangement.

Each Sharing 360 product has been rigorously tested, and features a DAHON authenticated laser sticker for: convenient product identification, increased safety, functionality, aesthetics and profitability. Import duties are low. The launch of the Sharing 360 program has been well received by the industry, with many leading figures showing great interest and support for the scheme. DAHON has partnered with dozens of companies and achieved significant results. This program has been proven to create revenue and profitability for partners, with the benefit of DAHON’s brand awareness and excellent product qualities, thus allowing partners to enhance the value of their brands.

Furthermore, the DAHON brand, famous for its technical leadership and quality, is a marketing jewel in its own right. It too is now being licensed to qualified partners in our Double Branding Licensing (DBL) Program. You can now share and capitalize on DAHON’s brand value. Licensees may use double brand “DAHON by ABC” or “DAHON ABC”, where “ABC” is a brand of the licensees’. And you have the priority to use DAHON’s latest technologies. Different categories are applicable, like e-bikes, childrens bikes, MTB and more. Both online and off-line marketing are allowed. Talk about booster rockets!


While quality requirements are high (good for everybody), other terms are surprisingly friendly.


If you are an importer, distributor or manufacturer anywhere, and are looking for a breakthrough for your business, you have come to the right place at the right time! Please get in touch with samantha@dahon.com or your regular DAHON contact for more information. Thank you!

DAHON’s Double Branding Program and expanded IPR Sharing Program was launched exclusively at China Cycle 2019. Read what the press had to say:

We are taking enquiries from bicycle wholesalers and distributors now, or negotiating licencing terms.
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