DAHON Accessories

Pedal Bag

A convenient storage bag for detachable pedals or a secure stash for keys, wallet and mobile phone. Made of durable Nylon with separate compartments, our Pedal Bag keeps dirty pedals from coming in contact with clean clothes or valuable belongings. For left and right pedals. Stow & go!



  • Two separate compartments to keep dirty pedals from clean belongings
  • Two separate compartments, each 160 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm

Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is portable storage for a DAHON bicycle. It´s made from rugged Nylon, heavy duty zippers, robust seat-belt webbing, and 5 mm of dense padding for protection. Perfect for train or bus trips when you are bringing along your bike, or for storing your bike in your car, apartment, or boat. The Carry Bag will fit most 16", 20" and 24" DAHOn bicycles.



  • Made out of extra stron Nylon with heavy duty zippers and a robust seat-belt webbing
  • 5 mm of padding to keep your DAHON safely protected
  • Fits most 16", 20" and 24" DAHON bicycles

Sherpa Bag

The Sherpa (frame) bag was custom designed to fit the small frame requirements of a folding bike. This bag consists two site compartments, one with a zipper closure and the other with a flap and hook-and-loop closure as well as a top, clear cover pouch to hold a Smartphone or GPS, all mounted to th top tube within easy reach of the rider.



  • Large clear pouch on top to hold Smartphone or GPS
  • Mounts around top tube so access to belongings is always within reach
  • Durable Nylon fabric holds up to heavy use
  • Zipper and Velcro closures to keep belongings secure, but still accessible
  • Two separate compartments, each 160 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm
  • Reflective trim for high visibility at night

Attache Computer Bag

Our Attache Computer Bag is a rugged, water risistant vessel designed to carry valuable items that need to remain protected and dry. Its large size is perfect for the commuting professional, carrying a laptop and a change of clothes, or the rushing student´s books and papers from class. The Attache Bag has a carry handle on top and a quick release latch so you can keep you valuables with you at all times while the heavy duty Nylon material keeps them extra secure and dry. This bag connects to our Valet Truss (sold separately) via the Valet Socket in the frame, keeping the weight of the bag off the handlebars.



  • Water resistant for keeping contents safe and dry
  • Quick release latch and carry handle to easily take the bag with you
  • Large capacity to carry what you need for a work or play
  • Fits with Valet Truss (sold separately)


The Concierge lives up to his name, providing you convenience and ample stowaway space on the road and off. Large, clear map pocket on top, ample side pockets for easy to reach necessities and refreshments and a large, roomy interior. The comfortable shoulder strap makes the Concierge a comfortable tote when away from you bike. Durable Nylon construction and reflective trim for nighttime safety.



  • Quickly removable to take with you
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Reflective trim for high vicibility at night
  • 5 l (305 cu inch) volume / 7 kg (15.4 lbs) load capacity

Stow-away bag

It´s a bag on a bike or a bike in a bag. This seat bag becomes a durable Nylon bike bag for storing, carrying and protecting your DAHON folding bike. Easily accessed through a drawstring pouch, your bike is stowed away safely. keeping dirty parts away from you, your car or living room carpet.



  • Durable Nylon Fabric
  • Drawstring pouch for easy accessibility
  • Provides instant and portable protection for your bike

Sky Cap

The Sky Cap offers your DAHON luxury accommodations when flying, with a tough reinforced outer frame and durable Nylon construction. Heavy duty, 270° zipper makes stowing your folded 16" or 20" bike fast, clean and hassle-free. Pullman style handle and flush mounted wheels make airport maneuvering a breeze, and the outer security straps keeps your prized possessions secure.



  • Four built-in wheels for easy upright rolling an 360 degree turns
  • Sturdy pull-out handle for easy gripping when lifting over curbs or thresholds
  • Internal packing pieces to wrap around and protect the frame and components
  • Heavy duty 600d cover to resist damage from punishing baggage handlers
  • Dimensions: 710 mm x 880 mm x 350 mm
  • Lines inches: 78"
  • Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Micro Bell

The Micro Bell is a tiny bell with a big sound: all ring, no bulk. Keeping your handlebar uncluttered while riding, it´s easy to pocket the Micro Bell safely when you leave your bike. The clear, single strike sound gets attention without being offensive. Alloy body and Nylon base are durable, simple and light.



  • Super small size - 32 mm diameter dome
  • Brass dome for classic bell sound
  • Includes a quick release latch for easy removal
  • Rotating dinger for multible mounting options
  • Universal fit on most bikes and easy to install

Valet Truss

Our Valet Truss is specifically made to mount on the front of DAHON bicycles. This unique device uses the bike´s frame to support your baskets and bags, not the handlebars, keeping the weight of the contents centered and stable. This super strong, hogh quality aluminum truss is strong enough to carry up to 9 kg (20 lbs).



  • Made with super strong, high grade aluminum
  • Mounts to bike frame, not the handlebars, keeping weight centered
  • Includes a quick release latch for attaching basktes and bags
  • Holds up to 9 kg (20 lbs)

Quick Coupler

The Quick Coupler converts your bike bag or basket into an instant travel bag or tote. Ride with your cargo secure, and the remove instantly for safe-keeping, shopping, or transport. The Quick Coupler is made of reinforced fiber glass and Nylon, and will hold all DAHON racks, bagy and most types of baskets. Quick release lever locks securely in place. Mounting hardware included.



  • Holds DAHON bags, racks and most other types of bags an baskets
  • Instantly converts from a cargo carrier to shopping bag
  • Durable, reinforced fiberglass and Nylon material
  • Quick-release safety locking system

Ultimate Carrier

The Ultimate Carrier has a durable, multi-level framework that accommodates full size panniers on the sides, holds a shopping basket on top and houses your extra items in the convenient DAHON Stash Box (optional) between the rack´s upper and lower frames.



  • Multi-level lightweight frame construction
  • Fits on any DAHON bike
  • Accommodates optional Stash Box

Stash Box

The Stash Bos is the perfect complement to our Ultimate Carrier. No matter how much your Ultimate Rack is loaded, you can still easily retrieve your goodies from the Stash Box - thanks to its clever rear exit design. The 270° top sipper allows full access to the bag, while the one-piece molded construction makes it tough and rigid. Carrying handle included for easy transport.



  • Fits perfectly with our Ultimate Carrier
  • Incorporated handle for easy store and go transport
  • The 270° top zipper for easy store pouch access
  • Stron Base construction makes it strong an reliable

Front Cargo Basket

Confidently cruise the streets while keeping all your goodies in sight. With DAHON´s Front Cargo Baskte, there´s no need to constantly turn around to check if everything is still there. Featuring a secure frame mount, the Front Cargo Basket doesn´t affect steering and provides a low center of gravity for increased stability. Available with cargo net for extra security.



  • Secure frame attachment won´t affect steering
  • Low center of gravity for increased stability
  • Strong, wide and durable frame design to carry more!

Front Luggage Rack

A platform rack designed to accommodate a number of items that just don´t fit into the confinements of a basket or bag. Securely fastened to the bikes frame, the Front Loggage Rack does not affect steering and provides a low center of gravity so you don´t have to worry about losing control.



  • Frame mount means no steering load is added
  • Sturdy tubular alloy construction
  • Available cargo net for extra security

Landing Gear

This ingenious gadget fits into the "why didn´t I think of that?" category. With a simple flick of your heel, the landing gear comes down, and your folded DAHON is now ready to roll compactly on three stable wheels. Leave the seat up, and you can easily "walk" your bike wherever you like. The castor design steers easily to fold up snugly and out of the way.



  • Gives folding bikes extra stbility when folded
  • Quickly folds up and away when the bike is unfolded for use
  • Strong, stable 6061 aluminum shaft with 2.5 inch wheel
  • Allows the bike to roll without lifting of strain


We´ve all been lured by the "two for one deal" and in this case you really get twice the value. The DAHON PostPump gives you an air pump within your seat post, freeing up space and weight while making sure you are never without a pump when you need it. Just remove the seat post with our quick release lever and you have a floor pump that is capable of reaching over 100 psi in half the strokes of some of the best mini pump.



  • Seamlessly incorporated into seatpost
  • Reaches 100 psi in less time than other mini-pumps
  • Keeps a portable pump for flat tires always within reach
  • PostPump head adapts to fit Prester and Scraeder valves

Dr. Hon Cure-All Tool

The Dr. Hon Cure-All Tool is a new and unique idea from Dr. Hon himself. Thi s145 mm long tool is mate of 7000 series aluminum with a hardened steel hex head all packaged within an ABS housing. With an articulating configuration, it can be folded in two places to be a quick-turning speed tool, rotating within the housing that makes the handle. It can also be folded just once to become a 90 degree tool for strong torque and tight finfishes, or not folded at all to be a straight-working driver. And when you´re not using the tootl, it fits neatly into the handlebar for storage until you need it again.



  • Light but strong aluminum construction
  • Stealthily stores in the bicycle´s handlebars
  • Always available when you need it most
  • Transforms into 3 different tools by dimply folding at the joints
  • Only 145 mm long

Quick Draw Pedals

An extension of DAHON´s innovative Flatpak technology, the tool-less patented quick release system features detachable pedals. Capable of being retro-fitted to any 9/16" thread crank, Quick Draw pedals can be removed or installed in seconds with no tools and just one hand, The benefit aside from speed and convenience is the extra flat storage configuration - your folded DAHON fits in a smaller space with no dangerous pedal protrusion.



  • DAHON patented technology
  • The lowest profile pedal system available
  • Retrofits to any 9/16" thread crank
  • Pedals can be easily removed and installed with one hand, in seconds

Cargo Net

The Cargo Net´s unique design allows you to capture even the most unruly loads. From difficults shapes to sharp corners, the Cargo Net has you and your gear covered. This handy net fastens to your rack or basket with 12 quick-release hooks so you can be certain that none of your items fall or slip.



  • A security guard made of elastic webbing
  • 12 reinforced hooks to harness nearly any load
  • Strong elastic interwoven design to secure odd shapes and heavy items
  • Fits with our Front Cargo Basket and Front Luggage Rack

Kid Tool

A tiny thing can make a big difference. Imagine you are on a dessert island, you have canned food, but no can opener! what would you do? In this case, we hope life is less dramatic, but we do want to offer you the can opener, or more precisely; the Kid Tool. The Kid Toolis a unique and simple hex tootl that acts like a speed wrench when you are adjusting your DAHON Kids bike, removing or installing the cranks, or just raising the seat for a growing child, by adding in the clever spinning handle, it allows the Kit Tool to spin any 6 mm hex bolt and has the leverage needed to securely tighten them.



  • Available in 6 mm size
  • Unique spinning handle allows speedy bolt fastening and dismanting
  • Ergonomically designed to follow your natural hand motion

Dr. Hon´s First Aid Kit

Like all good all-in-one helpers, this handy tool kit has everything you need to fix it in a pinch, including 4 and 5 mm key tools for tightening and adjusting the bolts on your DAHON. The tool kit is easily accessible in the handlepost stem where it stores conveniently and invisible - absolutley flat when folded.



  • Uniquely designed to fit DAHON bikes with offset handle post stems
  • Includes 4 & 5 mm hex tools
  • Flexlibe storage rack keeps tools secure and quiet