Dahon Jifo

DAHON Jifo - super fast folder

Start to finish in 7 seconds

The DAHON Jifo is a real Carbon Lightfoot: perfectly combining environmentally friendly technology with pure functionality and modern style. Choose your personal dream folder from the world’s largest range of folding bicycles. It’s not just a bike – it’s a DAHON.
Dahon Jifo - folding bicycle perfection

DAHON's Revolutionary Longitudinal Frame Latch

Jifo 16 is the newest member of DAHON’s 7-second folding bike collection – opening and closing with the snip of a latch. Designed to get you through that last mile without a hitch, this ultra-compact bike is the perfect ride-alone… and your reliable companion on daily commutes by bus, train or subway. Jifo’s quick-release latch makes it the ultimate in fast break-down and assembly – truly portable transportation today!