2019 – The DAHON Year in Review

2019 – The DAHON Year in Review

2019 has been very exciting in the world of folding bikes! The year kicked off to a great start with Ming Cycle confirmed as DAHON’s new distributor in Taiwan! Ming Cycle has become the latest distributor to join the DAHON family and is now distributing DAHON models in the vibrant market in Taiwan. Established in 1989, Ming Cycle is a well-known company both in the Taiwanese bicycle industry and around the world, representing many renowned global brands in the country.

In March, DAHON took part in the 32nd TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW 2019. DAHON presented a selection of its 2020 range of folding bikes to the show’s industry and public visitors, including some brand-new additions in the form of the Dove E-Uno, DAHON’s compact folding electric bike. DAHON is a popular brand in Taiwan, with many riders wanting to get their hands on DAHON models past and present.

In June, DAHON sponsored the 2nd World Cycling Forum held on the 4th and 5th June in Rotterdam. DAHON Founder and CEO Dr. Hon joined the forum with a short video to present ideas on expanding the benefits of shared bike programs around the world. The biennial World Cycling Forum brings together key figures and experts from the bicycle industry to share their knowledge on subjects such as the future manufacturing landscape, sustainable processes and technology, and innovative materials and practices.

In September, DAHON made their way to Germany and presented a wide range of bikes, ready to be tested, at the annual EUROBIKE SHOW in Friedrichshafen. New concepts such as the Tech Sharing and Bike Sharing program gained positive recognition among the audience. DAHON has been a loyal exhibitor at EUROBIKE SHOW for many years now.

In October, DAHON was showcasing their extensive range of components technology at the 11th edition of Taichung Bike Week, for the first time ever! Held in various locations across Taichung, the annual show sees high-end bicycle brands from around the globe travel to the city to showcase the latest in cutting edge bicycle technology and accessories.

In November, a delegation of European dealers from the LEVA-EU (the Light Electric Vehicle Association Europe) e-bike dealer trip made a stop-off on their China trip to visit the DAHON facility in Shenzhen to find out more about DAHON’s latest products and technology.

Thanks for supporting DAHON throughout this year! To a prosperous and successful new decade!