Counterfeits in Singapore – Announcement

Counterfeits in Singapore – Announcement

Dear Consumers,

Thank you for being a fan of our famous DAHON products. Unfortunately, there have been some counterfeits, whole bikes, and parts, appearing in Singapore online and offline. These cheap poor-quality products are uninsured and unwarranted. People have gotten hurt. Please avoid them for your own protection and, above all, personal safety.

Here is an example of fake products:

Counterfeits in Singapore - Announcement

Our only authorized dealers in Singapore are:

1. AJ Ventures (Distributor) and its dealerships (My Bike Shop and My Bike Shop Too)
2. GP Bikes (Show Room)

You can always get bona fide DAHON products here – with a full warranty and product insurance. Please see their contact details on our website page here.

We are currently taking legal steps against these infringers.

If you have any questions please contact Contact@dahon.com or Samantha@dahon.com.

Yours Sincerely,