BikeFolded HIT Coverage

BikeFolded HIT Coverage

After introducing folding bike the HIT to the global market a few years ago, we’re thrilled to see it popping up in best folding bike features. We sent this model to BikeFolded a few years ago, and after them testing a variety of bikes from different brands, it’s great to see the HIT making their hotlist of Best Folding Bikes for 2023! You can check it out yourself below and you can also see other super useful guides they have done for it, to help riders see if its the right bike for them.

  1. HIT makes it into Best Folding Bikes of 2023

2.  Unboxing the HIT in style

3.  DAHON Folding Bike write-up (click image below to read in full)

4. Video review after riding the HIT for 6 months

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing this info on the HIT. It has made a great difference for many riders since it was first brought out during the pandemic, as a cost effective model that fits a wide range of users.  Think this could be the right bicycle for you in 2023? Get in touch with your local dealer/distributor to discover its availability and pricing in your region.