Cycling media celebrates DAHON’s 40 years as a global folding bike trailblazer

Cycling media celebrates DAHON’s 40 years as a global folding bike trailblazer

Cyclist magazine from China has recently paid tribute to DAHON’s outstanding legacy of 40 years in the industry with special coverage documenting its history of transforming green mobility for the better, read an extract from the article below.

DAHON has had quite the journey over four decades: born from the concept of  green mobility to the creation of hundreds of patents; from zero interest in the DAHON folding bike, to its current production capacity of one million, with more and more and more high-quality folding bikes are selling well in the global market. DAHON folding bikes has become a globally reputable brand across all corners of the earth.

Celebrating DAHON’s 40 years in the industry 

DAHON’s folding bikes has made a groundbreaking difference to the lives of many; after starting from scratch, to overcoming obstacles, hardships, with passion to deliver the best performing bikes for customers. Over the past 40 years, DAHON has taken a mission to make its mark in the bicycle industry and has always been committed to providing people with more convenient, attractive looking and environmentally friendly travel tools to increasingly meet the needs of more consumers.

CEO and President Dr. David T. Hon’s journey over the past 40 years has been incredible, with his original vision remaining the same 

DAHON’s founder Dr. Hon has spent half his life explaining to the world the spirit of craftsmanship with DAHON folding bikes; through his spirit of endless dedication to work, striving for excellence with production, and meticulous craftsmanship.” Dr. Hon, seen by many as the “father of modern folding bikes”, has always embedded his products with a concept of combining intelligence, advanced design and environmentally friendly, from independent research and development. He also launched the “sharing 360” strategy, where he cooperated with industry peers for win-win solutions, and kept persevering in contributing to the bicycle industry.

Global limited edition model launched to commemorate industry milestone

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, DAHON launched a global limited edition model – the ultra-light carbon fiber folding bike Anniversary 40, that has been decorated especially to mark the occasion;  with a golden emblem of the renowned logo with a classic shield + “40” was used to symbolize the history of the DAHON brand shining in the bicycle industry for 40 years.

The art and technology of DAHON bikes that has benefited industry players 

The launch of the new model marks one milestone after another of DAHON, and it also shows the success of DAHON’s global marketing strategy. For example, DAHON’s “Sharing 360″ strategy has achieved exceptional results since its launch in 2019. The strategy covers five major sectors: Brand Sharing,  Technology Sharing”,  Bike Sharing,  Parts Sharing and Listing Sharing, each of which can lead different types of enterprises to achieve win-win results. Currently 30 companies are taking part in the “Shared 360” strategy, which uses DAHON’s resources around the world to help maximize sales profits.

In 2021, DAHON was selected for a special feature in the CCTV documentary “Extraordinary Craftsman”, which is a television series that shows the extraordinary craftsmanship, ingenuity and history of craftsmen and enterprises.

DAHON’s commitment to give back to charity

In 2014, DAHON joined the Pearl Class Project project, that was established by Xinhua Love Foundation in 2004. In recent years it has helped 200 high school students to complete their studies, allowing for more Pearl students to return to the classroom and enjoy equal educational opportunities like others in society of their age group.

DAHON has been at the forefront of innovation for 40 years and has tireless evolved its bicycle technology to successfully keep up with trends and boost the lifestyles of increasingly wider groups of riders. This year is not only a significant milestone but also a new starting point to keep creating a better future for all through its award winning technology.