Cycling Towards Sustainable, Modern Living at Oh Boy Hotell

Cycling Towards Sustainable, Modern Living at Oh Boy Hotell

The hotel places a folding bike in every room

Designed and created by Swedish architects and developers Hauschild + Siegel, Oh Boy Hotell is a project hailed for its implementation of sustainable solutions, including cycling. The hotel opened back in 2017 and it was the first hotel in the world that was designed and built especially for cyclists (pretty cool, right?). They run a strict no-cars-allowed policy with not a car park in sight. Instead, the space has been used to accommodate the needs of the cycling community. The hotel is located in the Swedish town of Malmo, which is famous for its cycling culture and was recently voted the 5th most bicycle-friendly city in the world. It is prime for location bicycle tourism and an exciting place to explore by bike!


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The concept of Oh Boy Hotell is simple – a space that can help others live in a more sustainable way. From the local wood used in the construction of the hotel to the communal garden on the building’s roof used to grow to produce for the residents, to the murals on the wall created by local artists, this project is a beacon for modern, fun, and sustainable living.

We were excited to hear that Oh Boy Hotell recently purchased a whole heap of DAHON folding bikes (Speed Uno’s to be precise!) to place in each of their rooms. Encouraging a cycle-friendly lifestyle is one of the many philosophies behind the hotel and one of the ways the hotel is supporting this lifestyle is by providing free folding bikes for their guests. Each room is provided with one free bicycle, and on-site there is a wash station, bicycle pump, and a selection of tools available for guests and residents that may need to do maintenance on the go. What’s more, guests can pick up a bike free of charge from Malmö By Bike at Centralstation to get them to the hotel, giving guests the opportunity to stay car-free for the entire trip. How awesome?!


Cycling can be an important part of leading a more sustainable lifestyle and the benefits of using a bicycle for transport are huge, for both the planet and your health. A folding bike is a great way to integrate cycling into everyday life, it’s there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t – meaning you don’t have to give it a second thought.


Oh, Boy Hotell is a really cool concept and something we hope to see more of in the future. Here’s to the two-wheeled revolution!