DAHON Adds Further Parts to Sharing 360 Program

DAHON Adds Further Parts to Sharing 360 Program

Folding bike leader widens the range of folding and regular components on offer to manufacturers

January 29th 2021, Shenzhen, China – World leader in folding bikes, DAHON, has announced additions to its successful “Sharing 360” scheme, a program that allows partners to incorporate select, patented DAHON technology into their own product range, under license.

The company launched its brand new program in 2019, Sharing 360, which aims to demonstrate DAHON’s strong R&D technology and manufacturing capabilities and to establish higher brand recognition and brand loyalty for existing and new customers. The program includes a range of DAHON’s latest patented technology components, such as frames, hinges, handleposts, handlebars, cranksets, pedals, and PostPumps (integrated bicycle pump and Seatpost), as well as complete bikes via a Double Branding arrangement.

Each Sharing 360 product has been rigorously tested and features a DAHON authenticated laser sticker, for convenient product identification, increased safety, and understanding of the product details.

The launch of the Sharing 360 program has been well received by the industry, with many leading figures showing great interest and support for the scheme. DAHON has partnered with dozens of companies in 2019 and achieved significant results. This program has been proven to create revenue and profitability for partners, with the benefit of DAHON’s brand awareness and excellent product qualities, thus allowing partners to enhance the value of their brands.

Following this market success, DAHON has decided to expand the Sharing 360 program with the latest regular parts. Regular parts focus on enhancing quality, whilst offering economically effective versions of existing products. The company is not only focused on technological innovation but is also committed to sharing its technology with the industry.

New, branded regular parts available include: double-layer front and rear aluminum alloy rims, super-light front and rear bearing hubs, a variety of high-strength aluminum chain wheels, an ergonomic, high-density memory foam saddle, and more.

Also included are two upgrades to existing Sharing 360 products, an improved and more economical D2D folding stem, and a stronger version of the square-tubed, folding Eiffel handlepost.

The Sharing 360 program aims to bring partners in the industry all the benefits of DAHON’s market-proven technology, plus the prestige of a decades-old brand and leader in its field. By opening up its patented portfolio, DAHON can offer folding performance and portability to an even broader range of cyclists.

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