DAHON at the 135th Canton Fair

DAHON at the 135th Canton Fair

Guangzhou, China – April 15th – The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) kicked off in grand style today in Guangzhou.

At this international trade event, leading bicycle manufacturer DAHON takes center stage at booth 【16.2G40】in Hall C, showcasing their latest electric-assist bikes featuring the groundbreaking “Speed Technology” and high-quality “Sharing 360” patented components.

DAHON’s proprietary “Speed Technology” represents a significant advancement in bicycle frame design, focusing on improving the rigidity of bike frames, forks, and other components to achieve unparalleled performance. With this technology, cyclists can enjoy a smoother and more exhilarating riding experience.

Designed with the “Speed Technology”, the ultra-lightweight electric-assist bike “K-Feather,” the K-ONE (electric version), and the UNIO E20, a high-performance folding electric bike beloved by riders worldwide, were showcased at the Fair. These bikes demonstrate DAHON’s cutting-edge technology in the electric-assist bike category and their solid presence in the realm of green and low-carbon transportation, without compromise on frame rigidity and riding speed.

“Sharing 360” is an important strategic initiative by DAHON to enhance industry collaboration, promoting industrial advancement, and fostering enterprise communication. DAHON’s patented components garnered significant attention from both domestic and international exhibitors. These high-quality components underscore DAHON’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving industry growth.

Upholding its commitment for safety, DAHON debuted a new safety disc brake system which prevents disc damage from impact during falls, effectively protecting the disc rotor and perfectly resolving safety concerns associated with regular disc brakes.

Furthermore, DAHON’s introduction of the add-on DELTECH cable and a “third wheel” solution for portable bicycles, enabling them to be pushed when folded, further attested to DAHON’s dedication to improving bike functionality and convenience.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations at the 135th Canton Fair,” said a spokesperson for DAHON. “Our “Speed Technology” represents a leap forward in the cycling industry, offering cyclists unprecedented speed and agility. We remain committed to advancing sustainable transportation solutions and look forward to continuing our collaboration with partners worldwide.”

The Canton Fair, renowned as “China’s No. 1 Trade Fair,” serves as a pivotal platform for global trade, bringing together top-tier suppliers and buyers from across the world. DAHON’s presence at this prestigious event underscores its commitment to advancing the cycling industry and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

The first phase of the Canton Fair is currently underway and runs until April 19, offering attendees the opportunity to experience DAHON’s groundbreaking technology firsthand. Visit booth 【16.2G40】 in Pavilion C to learn more about DAHON’s innovative electric-assist bikes and accessories.