DAHON “D-VELO” Technology took Spotlight at EUROBIKE 2024

DAHON “D-VELO” Technology took Spotlight at EUROBIKE 2024

EUROBIKE 2024 opened with grandeur at Messe Frankfurt in Germany on July 3. DAHON (at Booth F06, Hall 9.0), committed to providing green mobility solutions for global users, showcased the innovative technologies of its bicycle products and actively discussed the future trends, social impact, and standard-setting of the bicycle industry with thousands of exhibitors from around the world at EUROBIKE.

DAHON received widespread acclaim for its “D-VELO” technology applied to its latest bike series, including the 700C carbon fiber roadbike Vélodon, carbon fiber folding bike Super PC22, and the ultra-light e-bike K-Feather, as well as the classic folding bikes Mariner D8, Boardwalk D7, and the high-performance e-bike UNIO E20.

“D-VELO” represents the culmination of DAHON’s technology innovations, encompassing multiple key patents that enhance the speed of all kinds of bicycle, and challenges industry norms.

Vélodon, the crown jewel of the “D-VELO” technology, left a deep impression on cycling enthusiasts with its unique frame design, robust lines, and top-notch specs. The launch of Vélodon marks the move of DAHON joining the fray in all bicycle categories. Tested to be 20%-30% stiffer than ordinary road bike frames, Vélodon effectively converts pedaling power into propulsion, making cycling easier and faster.

Vélodon features multiple patented elements, including a large tapered tube with a special angle bend, greatly enhancing the rigidity of the seat tube. Vélodon combines power and speed, offering a new experience of speed and power for cyclists.

With the growing popularity of E-Bikes around the world, more urban dwellers are considering lightweight and nimble e-bikes as their ideal mode of transportation. The K-Feather, weighing only 12kg,is another significant new product equipped with “D-VELO”.

DAHON’s ultra-light “K-Feather” truly takes minimalism to the extreme. As compact and simple as a folding bike, yet K-Feather functions as well as a long-range e-bike, thanks to the high-density battery hidden in the main tube, combined with the torque sensor, easily delivers a range of 40 kilometers.



DAHON Curl ei4, a high-end folding e-bike, features a distinct S-line frame design, allowing the frame to be easily pushed when folded. It uses high-end battery cells, providing a maximum range of 50 kilometers.

The DAHON Mariner D8 folding bike, acclaimed as “The Best Folding Bike” by The New York Times, has a clean appearance and a convenient folding mechanism. It utilizes key patents like DELTECH cable and Super Downtube, offering outstanding performance and comfortable ride. Its components are highly rust-resistant, making it ideal for high-salinity and high-humidity environments, perfect for island vacations and leisure rides.

With retro looks back in style, more cycling enthusiasts are turning their attention to British-style folding bikes. The DAHON Boardwalk D7 offers an authentic style with its elegant paintwork and retro accessories. Its 20-inch wheels offer excellent maneuverability, allowing you to freely traverse streets and alleys.

EUROBIKE is a leading global bicycle trade show, connecting global customers, buyers, and manufacturers through diverse product displays. This event aims to showcase the transformation of bicycles, from sports and leisure equipment into sustainable future mobility tools, providing a platform for exploring innovative mobility solutions and new business models.

DAHON’s innovative products attracted many visitors and avid cyclists at Eurobike. The DAHON staff enthusiastically and patiently answered questions, explaining product features, usage scenarios, and precautions.

DAHON’s appearance at Eurobike significantly enhanced the brand’s international exposure, allowing more cycling enthusiasts to understand and appreciate DAHON products. The event takes place from now until July 7. Visit Hall 9 [F06] to experience the unique charm of DAHON bicycles!