Dahon Distributors Awarded

Dahon Distributors Awarded

Rewarding great performances by our top team of global distributors

dahon distributors awarded

Every year Dahon reviews the most outstanding performances by our global distributors, that indispensable network that gets bikes into shops and will carry out country-specific events and service. Here’s the run down of the 2012 awards:

Best All-Round Distributor – Buzaglo

As the distributor for Holland, Buzaglo are kind of a giant in terms of sales and reputation. Dahon has partnered with them for years and last year announced Buzaglo as the main service hub for Europe. Their dedication and knowledge of our folders make them worthy winners.

Best New Distributor – Motordealer

Last year Dahon joined up with Motordealer as new distributor for Spain. Based in Madrid, the company has produced rapid results in terms of sales and real customer satisfaction. With a brand new warehouse and solid team, Dahon very much looks forward to long years working together.
Best 30 Year Anniversary Promoters – Akibo

As you might know, Dahon is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012. We awarded Akibo, our distributor for Japan, for their enthusiastic promotion of this milestone. In particular they have generated a healthy demand for our 30th Anniversary special edition bike.

Most Dedicated Distributor – Comus

Comus handle that other giant of the cycling market, Germany. Their network encompasses the top three agents in the country, resulting in excellent service, promotion and sales for the brand. They also provide great support at shows such as this year’s Eurobike.

Social Media Champion – Lerun and CRD International SA

A brand new category, this one was too close to call. In the end, we awarded both Lerun (pictured with Dr. Hon) of Malaysia and CRD International SA of Peru for their fantastic efforts online. At Dahon we have stepped up our social media efforts via Facebook, Twitter and others. We named Lerun and CRD International SA as our Social Media Champions because they not only help promote our channels but provide great updates from activities in their countries, photos and excellent customer service.