DAHON Electric Vehicle Business: Staying true to Innovating, stepping up green mobility

DAHON Electric Vehicle Business: Staying true to Innovating, stepping up green mobility

DAHON, global leader in folding bike design and manufacturing, has always been committed to the R&D of lightweight and environmentally friendly transportation. So far, it has obtained more than 500 patents both within and outside of China. Most folding bikes worldwide incorporate at least five to six folding technologies from DAHON, owing their heritage to DAHON’s DNA. Going beyond folding bikes, Dahon also has made significant achievements in the field of electric vehicles. Established in 2005, DAHON’s Bike Division continues to uphold the commitment to innovation and technological breakthroughs, guiding the trend of E-bike development as well.”


Led by a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the DAHON Electric Vehicle Division has gathered a group of industry elites with decades of experience in research, production, and sales. With strong support from the DAHON Group, it has developed considerable scale, modern production lines, and a well-established sales network. With multiple distribution points across the country, its products cover numerous cities and regions. Additionally, it actively explores overseas markets to enhance brand awareness and product influence.

The DAHON Electric Vehicle Division will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and international partners to jointly promote the development of the electric vehicle industry.

Currently, DAHON’s R&D in electric vehicles cover various fields, ranging from electric assist bicycles to electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric tricycles, and electric motorcycles, with extensive applications in both household and commercial sectors.

In 2006, DAHON successfully developed mid-motor E-bikes powered by nickel-metal hydride batteries and successfully obtained multiple patents. They made debuts at Eurobike in Germany and and China Cycle Show respectively. Subsequently, mass production conversion and process improvement were carried out in 2007, leading to the products being sold well in international markets. In July of the following year, at the “2008 Electric Vehicle Industry Development Seminar and DAHON New Product Launch Conference” held in Shenzhen, China, six models of lithium-ion E-bikes made a dazzling debut, drawing great excitement and sensation at the events.

In 2009, with its strong R&D capabilities and steadfast commitment to innovation, DAHON was accredited as a High-tech Enterprise by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen, China. DAHON’s multiple models of E-bikes and self-balancing electric tricycles stood out at the China High-Tech Fair, achieving remarkable results in just a few short years.

In the process of research and development, DAHON’s Electric Vehicle Division has been committed to overcoming technical challenges through autonomous innovation. The team has translated the first Chinese version of “EN15194” and developed EN certification equipment. The edition was widely shared and promoted among network of industry associations and counterparts. Thanks to its strong R&D team and advanced production equipment, DAHON has achieved significant breakthroughs in electric vehicle range, performance stability, safety, and other aspects.

Staying true to innovation and taking on responsibilities with determination, DAHON has introduced several competitive and innovative electric vehicles in recent years. Among them, some notable products include:

UNIO Mid-Motor E-Bike: The motor seamlessly integrates with the folding frame, and the battery adopts a seat post design, making the folded and unfolded dimensions very close to those of regular bikes.

“Chauffeur Bike”, E-bike for designated drivers: About 10 KG lighter than regular chauffeur bikes on the market, it has gained traction on the market due to its outstanding range, performance, and stylish design.

Cargoe T5 Electric Assist Tricycle: With a convenient foldable third-wheel function for pushing, it can carry both passengers and cargo. With its innovative design and wide-ranging applications, it has garnered significant demand.

DAHON Electric Vehicles Division continues to innovate and achieve impressive results. In 2023, at the Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the DAHON K-ONE folding e-bike with torque sensing won the first prize. This demonstrates the deep research and development capabilities and technological accumulation of DAHON Electric Vehicles.

Through diligence and dedication, DAHON Electric Vehicles, with its strong research and development capabilities, continuous spirit of innovation, and well-established sales network, has emerged as a rising star in the electric vehicle industry.

Looking ahead, DAHON Electric Vehicles will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, quality, and service. We will consistently introduce even more outstanding products and services, increase investment in research and development, and explore the application of new technologies and materials. Our goal is to provide consumers with more convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly travel options while continuing to lead industry trends and contribute to the beautiful vision of green travel.