DAHON Explorers

Uncovering urban adventures and living life by the bike


Have you broken the boundaries of urban living and blazed new trails throughout the city – all from the seat of your bike? Or do you want to be inspired to do so? Then you may want to read further and find out more about DAHON Explorers.

A DAHON folding bike is freedom, allowing the seamless transition through life while empowering cyclists to experience their city and the outdoors on a deeper level. Through “Performance, Utility and Convenience” DAHON elevates the benefits of cyclists around the world.


We are searching for riders that see the limitless options of riding within and outside their city – a group we like to refer to as the DAHON Explorers.


The DAHON Explorers embody the spirit of the DAHON brand: Freedom.

What is a DAHON Explorer?

A DAHON Explorer is either an urban dweller that navigates their city by a multi-mode transport that includes bike, auto, bus, and train, or the adventure cyclists who are nomadic in nature and travel by a folding bike – the freedom of riding or hopping trains, boats and everything in between is just another day in the life of.

What is the role of the DAHON Explorer?

This year, DAHON will be outfitting a select group of inspiring riders with a new folding bike as part of their induction into the DAHON Explorers program. We’ll follow their daily travels, learning through their explorations how to simply integrate the bike into their everyday life.


Once armed with the tools that consist of a new DAHON bike and accessories in order to travel multi modal, the DAHON Explorers will document their adventures and travels in the form of photos and short video clips to our social channels, facebooktwitter and instagram.


Our Explorers will integrate their passion for riding into storytelling for DAHON, detailing adventures that will inspire others to make the choice to embrace riding their bikes everyday.