DAHON features in Extraordinary Craftsmen TV documentary

DAHON features in Extraordinary Craftsmen TV documentary

CEO Dr. David Hon During the  Extraordinary Craftsmen TV documentary Shoot    CEO Dr. David Hon During the  Extraordinary Craftsmen TV documentary Shoot

Earlier this year in May, The Extraordinary Craftsmen group held a press conference in Shanghai, China, chairman and CEO of DAHON, Dr. David Hon attended this event to represent the Chinese domestic bicycle market, and during this time he agreed that the group could feature DAHON in one of their programs.

Extraordinary Craftsmen is a television documentary series that interviews and gives key insight into China’s biggest enterprises, giving their audience the opportunity to learn all about their success stories and entrepreneurial spirit.

After 5 months of preparation, the DAHON TV feature will be shown on more than 300 local tv stations and 10 mainstream media video portals; it will focus on themes including the social-environmental mission of its bicycles, as well as its Sharing 360 program, philosophy, and background story that led to its success in the global market.

The Extraordinary Craftsmen team interviewed Dr. Hon about the development of his company over nearly 40 years: he introduced DAHON and spoke about its marketing performance, brand development history, and reiterated its long-term commitment to green travel through innovation. He also highlighted the company’s technological breakthroughs and Sharing 360 strategy, reporting that “it helps to innovate and develop enterprises by sharing more value with the cycling industry; Sharing 360 intends to break boundaries between bicycle enterprises, users, vehicle brands and suppliers, contributing to the global development of bicycle brands”.

After their coverage on DAHON, the show’s producers praised the folding bike manufacturer highly for its industry achievements. DAHON would like to thank the Extraordinary Craftsmen group for the opportunity to be featured in this special television documentary and looks forward to watching the full program soon.