DAHON Group Ride Takes on Three Chinese Cities

DAHON Group Ride Takes on Three Chinese Cities

At the end of October, the cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhengzhou organized and participated in group riding activities which took place over three days in three different locations.

The group riding activities allowed people to explore riding as a leisure activity where they could join friends and family in spending some quality time relaxing and enjoying the Autumnal weather. The weather in Autumn is perfect for riding and bikes are great for traveling long distances.

DAHON ride event

The first day saw the group travel all the way to the Country Park in the Jinshan District of Shanghai. A barbecue was set up at their first stop, so riders could relax after the long ride and enjoy the warm Autumnal sun. At the end of the first day in Shanghai, DAHON organized a prize draw where there were numerous prizes to be won, including two bicycles!



Riders line up to begin second day of group rideThe second leg of the group ride started in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Sponsored by the Bank of China Sports Bureau, the Zhengzhou City Government held a ride around Central Lake. At the end of October, the weather in Zhengzhou is very cool, which meant the 3000 participants taking part in the ride donned thin coats to keep warm.

There were 6 awards up for grabs at the ride and lots of interactive games taking place throughout to keep things fun. At the end of the race, DAHON’s Domestic Sales Director for China handed out the awards to winners and was even interviewed on Zhengzhou television!


Chinese dragons dancing at DAHON store openingThe third and final part of the ride was held in Guangzhou. It started with a celebration to mark DAHON’s 35th anniversary which was held at the new DAHON store in Guangzhou. It was also the opening day of the store and there were lots of DAHON riders there to help celebrate the occasion. The DAHON riders were treated to a traditional lion dance as well as the opportunity to take part in the DAHON lottery with prizes including DAHON bikes and a variety of riding accessories.

At the end of the journey, riders celebrated finishing the ride to Guangzhou by visiting DAHON shops in the area.

The group ride was a wonderful way of celebrating DAHON’s 35th anniversary whilst enjoying the charm of cycling in this beautiful season!