Dahon Initiates Authentic Hologram System to Battle Counterfeit Products

Dahon Initiates Authentic Hologram System to Battle Counterfeit Products

Leader in folding bikes combats illegal products from infiltrating markets through security seal

dahon-bicycle-authentication-logoDuarte, California, July 28, 2011—Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles, is introducing an authentic hologram program to protect its partners and consumers from counterfeit products being misrepresented under the Dahon brand. The system will make it easy to distin­guish fake products being sold at retail.

Because patent infringement and counterfeits have become so rampant in many parts of the world, it has become pertinent for the company to take defensive action. To ensure the authenticity and quality of Dahon produced bicycles in the future, every Dahon branded bicycle shall bear a serialized 3D holographic label as proof to dealers and consumers that the Dahon bicycles they purchase are genuine.

“As an industry leader with over 200 successfully registered utility patents, Dahon technologies are being legally used on 98% of all folding bicycles on the market today, including many of the now expired early patents,” said Dr. David Hon, CEO of Dahon. “Yet, the increasingly excessive illegal application of Dahon’s intellectual property has prompted Dahon to design a new enforcement system to stem the illegal copying of its property”.

An authentic holographic sticker on each bicycle will enable Dahon distributors to equip custom officials and other agencies to track serial numbers and prevent bogus products from being offered to dealers in their markets. The track­ing numbers will also help Dahon identify any vendors selling counterfeit merchan­dise bearing forged holograms which will serve as another method of ensuring authenticity in product. The holograms are designed to be tamper resistant and difficult to replicate.