DAHON Lifestyle Videos Part 1

DAHON Lifestyle Videos Part 1

In DAHON’s 40th birthday year, a lot of exciting news has been shared such as the unveiling of limited edition Anniversary 40 folding bike. But now let’s take a quick pause and remind ourselves of DAHON’s stellar 2022 blockbuster line-up with these YouTube lifestyle videos.

Make way for DAHON’s class of 2022 leading from the top of the alphabet:

A is Airspeed!

The Airspeed lives up to its name. With its ultra-lightweight design and responsive construction, this 20-inch folder is a true speed champion. Equipped with Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires you can take it on any race, then fold it up just as fast.

The Archer P8 knows where it’s going and how to get there.👍

With high end performance and style, it will race you to victory. Its stiff frame, rigid steering and comfy tyres are uncompromising, even on the worst roads.

NEW for this year it’s the CURL EI4!

DAHON’s vertical folding CURL has had a switch-up! The most compact of DAHON’s electric bikes so far, it’s energized by a 36V/250W motor and 36V/7AH battery. The CURL Ei4 comes with convenient 3-point folding, a roller rack, and 4 internal hub gears. Power up your day with this multimodal travel sensation.

The CURL i4: DAHON’s most compact folding bike ever.

Convenient 3-point folding, a roller rack, and 4 internal hub gears, make this your ultimate secret weapon in multimodal transportation.

Get the potential to make your life easier with the Dream D6

A tidy ride with 6 speeds via a compact rear derailleur, DAHON’s Deltech cable adds extra strength, while classic looks and colors complete the package. 🎁

NEW E-Scooter available in 2022 🛴

Enjoy the ride with electric power that can take you up to 25 KM per hour. DAHON’s E-scooter is an ideal travelling companion for all kinds of riders. Take charge of with an easy-to-view control panel to check speed and battery life.

The GB-2 is a real stand out ✨

A 650b folding gravel bike with concealed LockJaw hinges on an aluminum frame, the bike also features low gearing, disc brakes and drop bars. The folding convenience makes this bike easier to transport and stow, which opens up additional possibilities for outdoor adventures.

HIT takes back the streets 

This pandemic special editon model is equipped with the secret weapon of the Deltech cable that strengthens the bike frame, upping the max rider weight limit up to 300 lbs and the core parts warranty to 10 years.

Putting HIT to the test:

You can also check out this folding bike being reviewed on YouTube from the following channels: 2Bike4Adventure, BikeFolded and Two Wheel Cruise.

Interested in any of these bikes? You can check out their specs from our bike page and contact your regional dealer/distributor about how to buy them.

And that’s it for Part 1, go to the next blog post to see Part 2 of this folding bicycle family.