Dahon Repositions Brand with “Freedom Unfolds”

Dahon Repositions Brand with “Freedom Unfolds”

freedom unfolds added to dahon logoDuarte, California, August 16, 2011 – Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles, today announced a new tagline that will permeate all of their communications. Dahon believes the new phrase, “Freedom Unfolds”, conveys their evolving creative direction, while further distinguishing the brand from its competitors.

“Freedom Unfolds” will appear on advertisements, web pages, catalogs, letterhead and most of Dahon’s other communication vehicles. “The new tagline is a subtle signal that Dahon is moving up to a new level, and repositioning itself within an evolving marketplace. It will connect with consumers on a more emotional level, where Dahon’s previous messaging revolved more around the functionality of the product,” said Eddie Eccleston, global sales and marketing director of Dahon. “We believe the new tagline will resonate on a personal level with consumers, allowing them to complete the message themselves with layers of their own experience.”

Dahon will debut a new global advertising campaign at Eurobike 2011 titled “Express Your Personality”, which will depict eye-catching people and highlight a broad product range that allows individuals to express who they are through their bikes. The campaign focuses on the proven capability and superiority of the entire product line and introduces the brand’s new tagline. In keeping with an initiative to reach an audience outside the traditional cycling market, the ads will be placed in newspapers, lifestyle, and leisure magazines, as well as traditional cycling venues.

“Our mission is to support our customers with innovative product and world class marketing that gets consumers excited about our brand and what our products can bring to their everyday lives,” added Dr. David Hon, Dahon founder and CEO.