DAHON Bikes on Strava

DAHON Bikes on Strava

Since the global pandemic of 2020, as levels of cycling activity have increased, there has also been a rising interest in sports technology apps that track fitness progress such as Strava, which records running, bicycle, and swimming activity levels of its users. Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California, it is available in 14 languages and according to Strava, has a community of over 90 million athletes which continues to grow by 2 million athletes per month. It allows users to share their trip statistics with other Strava members, and also their friends and family on social media.

Did you know that DAHON has its own Strava community? We would like to invite our riders from all over the world to share their bicycle trips with us; join our club by looking up our official account DAHON Bikes on Strava! Then feel free to share your routes, cycling stats, and photos, we’d love to see them!

Here are a few trips that Strava riders have shared on the DAHON Bikes group page from Turkey and the UK:

Dahon folding bicycle on Starva  Dahon folding bicycle on Starva

For those that fancy a competition why not see if you can make it on our weekly leaderboard! Its ranking covers distance, number of trips, length, average speed, and elevation gain figures.

Check out this week and last week’s standings on our page:

Dahon folding bicycle on Starva Leaderboard

We hope you can join us and our fans on Strava for some riding fun!