DAHON Review Roundup 2023

Lifestyle Unio E20

DAHON Review Roundup 2023

We’re delighted with the reception of some of our favourite models. Thinking of a new ride. Take a look at some of our fan and press favourites:

Lifestyle Unio E20-min


Unio E20

Awarded for its innovative technology, our stylish Unio E20 is ergonomically designed with a concealed 200W/36V battery and 36V/8.7AH mid-mounted motor. Our 16.1kg (35.5lbs) lightweight Dalloy frame has reliably gotten you from A to B in style. Check out these reviews for yourself.


After the introduction of the HIT a few years ago, this model has quickly become an affordable favourite. Its appearance in a few best folding bike features  really speaks to the overwhelming reception for this economic model. Our sturdy frame is designed with everyone in mind, with a 137KG (300lbs) weight limit and increased 10-year warranty. Low costs don’t mean low quality!

Mariner D8

One of our most beloved models, the Mariner D8 is truly a resounding favourite receiving multiple accolades as one of the best folding bikes. Perfect for multi-modal urban transport, rust resistant aluminium frame and chain, and easy folding mechanism are ideal for your morning commute. We’ve even recently given this model a retro make over for our 40th anniversary. Take a look at these reviews!

There’s a ride for every cyclist, you’ll never have to compromise on style, quality, or price. We can see why they’re so popular! Is your favourite not pictured? Let us know!

Please note model specs can vary slightly through different regions and years, get the most up-to-date info and pricing available for this model in your country by getting in touch with your local DAHON dealer/distributor by accessing their contact details.