DAHON Sponsors 2015 Tour of Hainan

DAHON Sponsors 2015 Tour of Hainan

CEO Dr. David Hon guest speaker at China International Cycling Sports Investment Forum in lead up to race

Oct 28, 2015 – The Tour of Hainan celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the 2015 event in October. Consisting of nine stages, the race is part of the UCI Asia Tour.

DAHON was an official race sponsor and donated 80 bikes. In eye-catching gold, the 21-speed folding bikes were used by the Honor riding team, which was led by government officials. Together with the organizers, DAHON additionally produced a commemorative bike. As race sponsor, DAHON also ran small exhibitions and support booths at different riding stations throughout the tour.

Leading up the Tour of Hainan, the China International Cycling Sports Investment Forum was also held on the island. Many bicycle industry professionals and leaders were invited to attend the forum and discuss the present situation in the bicycle industry. DAHON founder and CEO Dr. David Hon was invited as an honored guest and speaker. Dr. Hon shared his own experience of creating the world-famous DAHON brand and the obstructions the company met in China over the last few decades.

Elaborating on how they overcame these obstructions, Dr. Hon pointed out that Intellectual Property protection is vitally important. DAHON has focused a great deal on IP protection and strategy over the past 30 years.

Dr. Hon said, “The primary reason many factories in China produce counterfeits is because of the high cost and risk involved in technology research and development”. Weak awareness of IP protection is one of the most important factors that influence the Chinese bicycle industry.

Hon explained “To solve the problem we should not only depend on lawsuits; governments and industry leaders should also cooperate and work together to stop illegal copies, and thus ultimately encourage innovation in the bicycle industry”