DAHON Takes Substantial Steps Towards Continued Growth

DAHON Takes Substantial Steps Towards Continued Growth

DAHON re-enters Taiwan with the new company and goes public on the Taiwan Stock Market

Taipei, Taiwan, March 4, 2014 – DAHON announces its return to Taiwan in a press conference held earlier today. DAHON returns with a new company, DAHON TW (Taiwan) LLP, and by going public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The new company will be led by Ms. Cathy Chen who has been appointed as Vice General Manager. The public flotation of the company will be handled by KGI Securities, an established company within Taiwan with a notable and diverse portfolio. Both developments were announced during the official signing ceremony in Taiwan.

DAHON is returning to Taiwan with the establishment of a new company, DAHON TW LLP. Ms. Cathy Chen has been appointed Vice General Manager and will assume responsibility for the new company and expanding the workforce, alongside promoting DAHON’s presence in the Taiwan market. The company is to be established as a new subsidiary for research and development, purchasing, and distribution.

Furthermore, DAHON’s flotation on the Taiwan Stock Exchange shows the company continuing to grow, with the decision to go public facilitating this growth. With benefits deriving from issuing stock, which will in turn open up further options. It will also give DAHON greater visibility amongst both the public and investors, resulting in greater credibility and a better public image. The signing ceremony is the first step towards this goal.

The transition from private to a public company will be managed by KGI Securities, a company with a firm footing in Taiwan’s financial markets. With an impressive portfolio of clients, KGI also has experience with international markets, bringing global investment opportunities to their local clients.

The establishment of the new company and flotation on the Taiwan stock market are important steps for DAHON, as Taiwan has been an important area for the company in the past. In 1996 DAHON was used as a poster company for Taiwan to help promote foreign trade and the country’s businesses to foreign investors, which was an integral part of the company’s formative years. Taiwan is also where DAHON has won numerous awards for its innovative designs, such as the Taiwan/CETRA Outstanding Product Award. DAHON will be returning to such an important market with a greater focus.


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