DAHON Unio E20, First Class Mid-drive Motor E-Bike

DAHON Unio E20, First Class Mid-drive Motor E-Bike

Quality, Comfort, Performance All-in-One


As more people turn towards a low-carbon lifestyle in recent years, unsurprisingly e-bikes are highly popular among environmentally conscious consumers. DAHON UNIO E20 “KEA093CM” makes an ideal choice for green riders, perfect for daily commutes and leisurely rides.


DELTECH cable boosting Bike Frame Strength and Stability

DAHON’s patented DELTECH cable optimizes the bike’s frame structure into a stable, triangular shape, transforming frame force distribution. Taking on maximum stress, DELTECH reduces the load on the folding frame, greatly improving service life and load-bearing capabilities, making for a safer, more comfortable ride.

Made from aluminum alloy, the bike frame is strong and ultra-light, weighing just 18.7kg. The overall frame rigidity is greatly enhanced by the DELTECH cable, boosting higher performance with reduced effort.


Powerful & Reliable Performance

36V 200W mid-drive motor: With the central axis torque sensor, the motor can detect the rider’s pedaling torque and cadence simultaneously, making for an intuitive ride as the electric power system output is strictly proportional to the rider’s pedaling power. Riders can enjoy truly effortless ride with the automated motor adjusting its output along the way.

Compared to hub motors, the mid-drive motor has large torque and stronger climbing ability; As the motor is installed at the bikes centre, where rider’s weight is concentrated, this contributes to much better balance.

36V-9.5AH Samsung lithium battery: The hidden seatpost battery offers long range, about 50 kilometers of pure electric cycling,  and approximately 100 kilometers of assisted cycling.

Thoughtful User-focused Design

Waterproof, dirt-resistant front and rear fenders; equipped with automatic taillights and soft-touch brakes for a safe ride.

Precise, Smooth Transmission: Dahon 9-speed transmission system is precise, smooth, and supersensitive. It quickly deploys the optimal gear ratio to handle complex road conditions. The 20-inch anti-skid wheelset with good shock absorption makes riding on rough terrain much easier.

LCD display: Facilitates 5 levels of electrical assist, real-time display for speed, mileage, and battery life.

Simply tap and turn the pedals to trigger the motor assist and get started, off you go with Unio E20, which is easy and fast to fold and unfold, extremely compact for storage and carrying around. Freedom unfolds, Unio E20 unleashes the joy of riding for green riders!


Dahon, Global Leader of Folding Bike Technology

In 1982, Dr. David T. Hon, renowned American aerospace expert, and physicist founded DAHON, and designed the first modern folding bike, most folding bikes worldwide owe their heritage to DAHON’s DNA.

DAHON is a brand with more than 40 years pedigree. Guinness World Record title for “world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes”. More than 500 multinational patents.  Today, DAHON is recognized as a world leader. Spearheaded by the guiding principles of innovation and service, DAHON is committed to creating a quality product, a unique riding experience and green mobility solutions for people leading active, environmentally friendly lifestyles.


For enquiries, please contact: samantha@dahon.com