DAHON Unleashes Thrilling Innovation: ‘D-VELO’ Speed Technology at Taipei Cycle 2024!

DAHON Unleashes Thrilling Innovation: ‘D-VELO’ Speed Technology at Taipei Cycle 2024!

DAHON Unleashes Thrilling Innovation: ‘D-VELO’ Speed Technology at Taipei Cycle 2024!

[Taipei, Taiwan – March 6, 2024] Taipei Cycle 2024 kicked off with fanfare at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, China.

DAHON brought a range of cutting-edge new bikes designed with the Speed Technology “DAHON D-VELO”, patented components, and trendy accessories , showcased at booth L0727 on the 4th floor of Hall 1. To further captivate the industry attention, DAHON also launched a thrilling “Cycling Challenge”, solidifying its position as the most popular bicycle brand at the Taipei Cycle Show.

 “DAHON D-VELO” Speed Technology

Dr. David T. Hon, the founder of the DAHON Group, made a special appearance to unveil the groundbreaking “DAHON D-VELO” which has garnered widespread attention and acclaim at the exhibition.

As we all know, DAHON has long been dedicated to the development of folding bicycles. Dr. Hon and his R&D team stumbled upon a discovery that their improved folding bicycle is faster than most road bikes and mountain bikes. After conducting comprehensive testing on over forty bicycles of various brands, they were surprised to find that the frames of ordinary bicycles and even some high-end bicycles from famous brands have significant design flaws that caused a substantial loss of pedaling power without riders even realizing it.

DAHON has developed a set of rigorous methodology for the study of “D-VELO”. This includes structural physics, finite element analysis, strain gauges, and above all, pioneering tests that measure frame stiffness relatively accurately during pedaling.

Using “DAHON D-VELO”, all bicycles, regardless of wheel size, are able to achieve unprecedented speed. It makes bicycles lighter, faster, more aesthetically pleasing, providing a more exhilarating riding experience.

Regarding the experimental and theoretical analysis of “DAHON D-VELO”, Dr. Hon has published a published one academic paper on the DAHON website, with three additional papers scheduled for release later this year. Please stay tuned for more information.

Cycling Challenge

As the largest bicycle exhibition in Asia, Taipei Cycle Show represents the latest industry trends and displays new products and concepts in the bicycle industry, attracting manufacturers, buyers, and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

During this International Show, DAHON launched an exciting “Cycling Challenge,” which gave the public a chance to experience firsthand the incredible speed of “DAHON D-VELO”. Cycling enthusiasts immediately flocked to the event to witness and participate.

The competition featured six bikes, including three utilizing “DAHON D-VELO” : the latest DAHON 700C road bike, P18 aluminum folding bike, and P18 carbon fiber folding bike. The competition was divided into two categories: Professional(slope: 4.2 %, distance: 500m ) and Standard(slope: 1.4%, distance: 500m).

The competition lasted for three days, with participants cycling the six designated bikes in turns. The winner was determined by the shortest overall time. In the Professional Group, with a challenging “4.2% slope and a riding distance of 500 meters,” Mr. Zhang secured the championship after completing rides on six designated bikes in an impressive time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds. This outstanding performance earned him a $2,000 prize.

Over these three days, the DAHON 700C road bike showcased remarkable speed, successfully clinching the winner as the fastest bike on the challenging course with a 4.2m slope and 500m distance in just 48.50 seconds—outperforming bikes from other brands. Dr. Hon presented prizes on the spot to the deserving winners.


Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition showcased various cutting-edge products utilizing the “DAHON D-VELO”, including the 700C road bike and the ultra-light “K-Feather” electric assist bike, the electric assist folding bikes UNIO E20 and CURL Ei4. Last but not the least, DAHON’s classic folding bikes such as BOARDWALK D7 and MINI 349 caught the attention of many attendees, while the sleek and stylish “CURL D9” folding bike was a head-turner.

700C Wheel Road Bike

DAHON’s first-ever 700C aluminum frame fork road bike, incorporating the revolutionary “D-VELO” with a brand new design. Extensive testing demonstrated 20%-30% improvement in rigidity compared to regular road bike frames. With its unparalleled fork stiffness, it effortlessly converts pedaling force into propulsive power, achieving superb speeds. Outperforming many carbon fiber bikes on the market, it sets a new standard for speed and performance among road bikes.

K-Feather E-bike

The first ultralight electric-assist bike–K-Feather, featuring the “Speed Technology”, weighing only 12kg, is DAHON’s lightest E-bike in the lineup. The high-density battery is seamlessly integrated in the main beam tube, paired up with a torque sensor, delivering an assisted ride of up to 40km. With its minimalist design, the K-Feather blends in as a regular folding bike while offering the functionality of an electric bike, offering a fresh perspective on E-bikes merging style with functionality.


The classic British-inspired folding bike is an ideal companion for urban exploration. With the addition of DETECH cable, the overall durability and load capacity have significantly improved. The enhanced frame rigidity ensures an exceptional riding experience, particularly during uphill climbs.


Sharing 360

With over 500 bicycle patents, DAHON has taken the lead in launching the “Sharing 360” program worldwide to promote industry cooperation and achieve mutual benefit.

At the exhibition, DAHON’s high-quality “Sharing 360” patented parts, such as the 2nd gen. Internal V Handlepost, the DELTECH cable, and carbon fiber wheel sets, received great attention and were sought after by many manufacturers.

Fashionable accessory products such as cycling glasses, phone holder, and helmets were also widely popular among the audience.


DAHON has been a leader in the bike industry, committed to making green commuting better while also improving the cycling experience. The latest “DAHON D-VELO” further attests to its forward thinking and creativity in the world of bicycles. Dr Hon believes that the new technology will promote the growth of cycling industry will grow significantly, with all types of bikes seeing a big improvement in speed and stiffness, making rides easier, faster, and more enjoyable!

For more information, please contact: marketing@dahon.com