DAHON | Why Add-on DELTECH Is A Game Changer for Cycling Enthusiasts

DAHON | Why Add-on DELTECH Is A Game Changer for Cycling Enthusiasts

As time goes on, more and more people are turning to bicycles as a healthy, eco-friendly mode of transportation. To stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving bicycle industry, manufacturers must focus on safety, speed, and overall user experience. For DAHON, this means constantly researching new technologies and innovating their products.

In early 2023, DAHON announced a full upgrade of their product lineup, which includes their ground-breaking DELTECH patent technology. This technology represents a new era in folding bike innovation.

The Birth of the Add-on DELTECH

Dr. Hon, the leader of the research and development team at DAHON, has spent years developing the DELTECH, which is a reinforcement cable that strengthens a bike’s frame.  This breakthrough technology allowing cycling enthusiasts to enjoy not only the portability of folding bikes, but also a range of innovative features such as speed, longevity, and improved safety. It’s no surprise that cycling enthusiasts are clamoring to upgrade their older DAHON models with the Deltech.

To meet this demand, DAHON has designed the Add-on Deltech, which can be used with a variety of older DAHON models that do not already have the Deltech equipped.

Why you need it for your folding bike

The Add-on Deltech transforms the bike’s frame, changing force distribution to increase overall rigidity. It converts pedal force into propulsion, which allows riders to break speed limits and reach faster speeds than typical road or mountain bikes. In addition to technical benefits, the Add-on Deltech has a sleek and visually appealing appearance because it simplifies brake and gear lines.

For anyone interested in trying out the Add-on Deltech technology, DAHON authorized dealerships are the place to go. DAHON has been a leading brand in the folding bike industry for many years, continuously focusing on technical research and innovation to improve the quality of their products. With the Add-on Deltech, we continue to lead the pack.