DAHON World Speed Folding Challenge

Searching for the quickest DAHON bike folder there is


We have launched the DAHON World Speed Folding Challenge, the search is officially on! After folding and unfolding your bike a few times, it’s easy to become a pro. We have thrown down the gauntlet to find out just how fast you can fold our bikes. All around the world, anyone can enter for a chance to win a brand new folding bike worth US$999.

Entering couldn’t be easier. Submit your youtube link to contact(at)dahon.com to enter the DAHON World Speed Folding Challenge. All you need to do is film yourself folding your DAHON brand bike from its fully unfolded position to fully folded. That means if it has folding/removable pedals or telescopic handlepost for example, they need to be included in the process. No speeding up videos of course! We request you leave the original sound/background noise in your entry and we reserve the right to reject any videos that don’t meet our criteria.

We’ll be picking winners from 3 categories to win a DAHON worth US$999!:

  • Standard (horizontal fold)
  • Vertical Folding (Jifo/EEZZ/Qix)
  • LockJaw (Dash, Cadenza etc.)
The competition is up and running, so get folding!

Email contact(at)dahon.com with the subject ‘World Speed Folding Challenge’ and the following info:

Email address
Link to entry video
Folding time
Bike model
Bike serial number (stamped near/on bottom bracket)

*by entering participants permit that their videos and information may be used by DAHON for marketing purposes.

Looking for folding instructions for your bike? get in some practice before submitting your speed fold.

Go direct to the LockJawVertical or Standard videos, or watch the folding guides below.