Discover latest DAHON Models – K3, Dove Uno, Qix D3, Curl i4, Mu LX and Launch D8

Discover latest DAHON Models – K3, Dove Uno, Qix D3, Curl i4, Mu LX and Launch D8

As we embrace the start of 2021, we are excited to reintroduce to you our latest bikes that are suitable for urban, leisure, road or tour cycling adventures. For this first article say a quick hello to the models: K3, Dove Uno, Qix D3, Curl i4, Mu LX and Launch D8.

If you would like to buy any of the bikes listed, just simply get in touch with your local DAHON dealer or distributor. You can access their contact details from our website page.



This bike is the perfect companion for any city trip. Weighing only 8.36kg, this 3 speed bike is super easy to carry and its simple silhouette stands out on any street.

For K3 specifications check out its product page here.


Dove Uno

The nifty and sleek Dove Uno is ultra-compact and shines in colors that stand out against urban backdrops. Its single speed is well balanced to give you just what you need for rides in the city alongside its ability to be stowed with ease.

For Dove Uno specifications click here for more information.


Qix D3

The latest of our vertical folding bikes, coming with a custom DAHON 3-speed derailleur and V brakes, this bike means business. Vertical folding technology means that this bike can be rolled directly into folded mode, quickly and easily.

For Qix D3 specifications view its details here.



The CURL i4 is DAHON’s most compact folding bike so far. Convenient 3-point folding, a roller rack and 4 internal hub gears, make this your ultimate secret weapon in multimodal transportation.

For Curl i4 specifications check out its product page for more information.



The ultralight design of the Mu LX has custom niobium rims with a powerful Shimano 11-speed derailleur and top components across the board. The Mu LX delivers smooth handling and performance at all times, ready for wherever your adventures take you.

For Mu LX specifications view information here.


Launch D8

Prepare for a completely new way of folding: the Jaws hinge is the next evolution in DAHON LockJaw Technology. Seamless and sturdy teeth lock the hydroformed frame into place, while 8 speeds and Schwalbe Road Cruisers make it easy to ride to your destination of choice.

For Launch D8 specifications visit its product page.


For information about availability and prices of DAHON bikes in your region, it is always best to contact your local dealer or distributor, you can find out their contact details here.