EEZZ Does it at Eurobike

EEZZ Does it at Eurobike

Latest Dahon folding innovation picks up the second award

dr david hon with dahon folding bike eezz at eurobike

At Dahon, we have a number of philosophies that we aim to operate and even live by. From the very start, building a greener world was of course at our core. Dr. Hon’s primary reason for inventing his folding bike was to give people a real, practical alternative to the car that could work more efficiently with public transport. On a more corporate level, we also have a policy of 15% annual improvement. This covers all kinds of areas, such as technology, administration, materials, and so on. For instance, we are well underway with our goal to go paperless. In technology, the 15% improvement standard encourages innovation at every level. Not just to be satisfied with a good frame design, but to examine every way to make it better.

It was in this spirit that the EEZZ came to be. Developing from the innovative, vertical-fold technology first seen in the Jifo 16, the EEZZ takes full advantage of hydroforming. The process uses a negative mold and hydraulic fluid under high pressure, to create aluminum frame shapes that are at the same time lighter, stronger, and more elegant. The EEZZ’s design also allows the frame latch to be housed snugly within the body of the bike. The show-off factor of this bike does not stop there either. Thanks to the vertical mechanism and 16″ wheels, the folded package is one of the smallest around, weighing in at only 9kg and, though the official folding time is seven seconds, it’s been recorded to be done faster. For those who may be wondering, the EEZZ is being developed for mass production and will be on the market in the near future. For the same super-fast-folding and compact size, the Jifo 16 is shipping now.
The EEZZ won its first award back at the Taipei Cycle Show in March 2012 and we are thrilled that it has now achieved a double, by picking up a Eurobike award. The bike went up against 439 entrants in cycling and outdoor categories. In the end, only 84 products received awards so Dahon is honored to be able to add another one to the shelf.