Fan feature: Cycling adventures with the DAHON Route

Fan feature: Cycling adventures with the DAHON Route


The global pandemic of 2020 is one that the world will never forget. Economically and socially, people’s lives have changed forever; with all the hardships and restrictions endured by COVID-19 it has been great to see more users taking up cycling such as Countryboy Tugade, who has developed a strong passion for this activity that has involved him setting up his own blog and a DAHON community group, DAHON Route Philippines (DRP).

Like countless citizens around the globe, Countryboy Tugade’s life was affected when the global pandemic hit the Philippines in March 2020, forcing a national lockdown so he had no work for months. When his work returned, there was no public transport for him to use so he decided to look for alternative methods of transport; cycling appeared as one of the most suitable options for him.

Countryboy Tugade decided to buy a bike, from his research he discovered that DAHON was the most recommended brand, leading him to then go on and buy the DAHON Route model.

We asked him, what does he love the most about cycling?
“The most important thing to me is using my bike every day for work, it helps me to keep an active lifestyle and of course save money.”

As his interest in cycling developed, he set himself cycling distance goals:
“As months passed by I tried to challenge myself to do long rides so I started with 100kms, then set myself goals to do 200kms, 300kms then 500kms.”
Countryboy Tugade was impressed that his DAHON Route was able to support him riding 2,000km in 11.5 days with the Tour de NL (North Luzon).

His passion for cycling continued when he set up the DAHON Route Philippines (DRP) group for riders to meet for trips and share ideas to help each other have the best riding experience.

At DAHON HQ it has been inspiring for us to learn of Countryboy Tugade’s journey from bouncing back from the negative impacts of the pandemic: he has improved his lifestyle, created a DAHON community and a Facebook blog, where followers can stay updated on his cycling experiences.