Fan Feature: DAHON Folding Club UAE members in Dubai

Fan Feature: DAHON Folding Club UAE members in Dubai

It’s always amazing to hear from DAHON fans and communities across the world.

For this article, we are shining the spotlight on a couple of unrelated DAHON fans in Dubai: Leah Lasap and Edward B. Taglines, who are both members of the DAHON Folding Club UAE in the United Arab Emirates.

Originally from the Philippines, Eduard B. Taguines lives in Dubai, loves biking with DAHON, and has owned a Curve i3, Suv D6, and Boardwalk.

We asked him, what does he like best about DAHON?

“DAHON folding bikes are very comfortable to use, you can use them by bus, metro train, or even taxi. They are easy to fold and very very cool to use”, said Eduard.

Eduard joined the DAHON Folding Club UAE in 2019 last year. He said that the club loves to explore different parts of Dubai with DAHON bikes; they have official rides every Sunday and Tuesday, and on Thursday they go a long ride of 70 kilometers since Friday is not a working day in the United Arab Emirates. Not only do they cycle together but they party too! Next month they will get together for the annual Dahoner’s Christmas party.

He kindly shared his photos with us:

Like her fellow club member, Leah Lasap is also a Filipino that lives in Dubai. We felt so privileged to hear about her experience with cycling and mental health.

How has biking made a difference in her life?

“Biking for me is not just a sport or hobby but a savior. After the birth of my first baby, I suffered bad panic attacks, since I started cycling I no longer have them. Not only has it made a difference in my life but also for my husband, he has reduced his weight from 85 to 75 kilos!” said Leah.

So, how did Leah’s DAHON story start? Her husband, Niño, already a DAHON fan, encouraged them to purchase the DAHON Speed D8 and Boardwalk Speed D8 for each other as presents on Valentine’s day.

Since then they have since embraced their love of cycling and joined the DAHON Folding Club UAE, initially riding short distances of 10 to 15 kilometers. But now their cycling ability has flourished! Recently they took part in Dubai’s Hydrate and Survive Ride where they cycled 81 kilometers to the desert. Leah stated that most biker participants used big road bikes and were surprised to see the DAHON Folding Club UAE group using folding bikes to finish a long cycling route in the middle of the desert!

More recently Leah and Niño joined their club for the Dubai Ride with almost 20,000 bikers! Dubai closed its busiest main road, Sheikh Zayed Road, to be used for the cycling track for almost half a day.

Leah concludes, “For me and my husband, biking has really changed our lives and made our relationship as husband and wife stronger than before!”.

Here are Leah’s photos of her DAHON Folding Club UAE adventures, including the Hydrate and Survive Ride:

Thank you so much to Eduard and Leah for telling us their stories and sending over their photos. Why not give their club a follow on Instagram to stay updated on their riding activities? @dahonfoldingclubuae

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