Featured Dealer/Distributor: Bike House Peru

Featured Dealer/Distributor: Bike House Peru


Last time we featured Portuguese dealer bk lisboa, and now for this month’s dealer feature we are going across to South America to get the full lowdown on Bike House Peru!

Before we go into the interview we would like to say thanks to them for over 10 years of partnership, helping customers in Peru to find the best DAHON bike for their needs and setting up a community there with their DAHON Peru club.

Check out Bike House Peru stats:

Year founded: 2005
Geographic location (s): Lima, Peru
Staff number: 6 people
How many stores do you have? 1

And here is our interview with manager Carlos:

1. How did your company start out?

Bike House was founded in 2005, we have been cycling for a long time which helps us to identify the needs of cyclists for matching the right products to the customer. In 2005, we started as an importer and distributor for many brands. On 2010, we begun distributing DAHON bikes, as the first company to offer folding bikes in Peru; it was a challenging start, pushing a new product and a new brand, in an inexistent market at that time. We focus on show events, media promotion and we also promote commuting rides with our  Facebook page CLUB DAHON PERU.

2. What’s your mission statement?

We focus on changing lives through promoting bicycles for commuting and sport purposes.

3. Who do you sell bicycles to?

We sell through independent stores, marketplaces and directly to end-users, in our store and website.

4. How do you go about matching a person to the right bike?

In our store, we offer customers to test the bikes, to help them find the right product for themselves.

5. Why would you recommend folding bikes to customers?

For commuting and urban cycling they are the best option. They are easy for storage and transport, have a low gravity center and frame for women and older people, are equipped for comfortable multimodal travel, and are less attractive for thieves.

6. What is your favorite part about dealing bicycles?

Creating a clean and happy community, by offering a safe and comfortable commuting ride.

7. Where is your favorite place to cycle in the world and why?

In Peru, we can find beautiful historic cities and villages over 4000 meters over sea level.

8. What is your favorite DAHON bike and why?

VIGOR P9, it is the strongest model.

10. What’s next on the horizon for your company?

We are planning to expand with other stores across our country.

11. Anything else you would like to tell the DAHON community?

Keep safe and ride a lot. If you visit Peru, contact us.

Thanks so much for the interview Bike House Peru!

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