Featured Dealer

Featured Dealer

Putting an outstanding DAHON dealer in the spotlight

bert cebular founder of nycewheels folding bike store dahon dealer

This week we wanted to focus on a US dealer that has brought together customer service and social media with phenomenal results. If you search for ‘folding bikes’ on youtube, then 14 of the front page results will be NYCeWheels demos. Their modern and customer-orientated approach has seen their business boom. It was our pleasure to catch up with them for a chat:

Founded: 2001
Located: 1603 York Ave, New York, NY 10028
Staff numbers: 9
Floor space: 200 sq/ft

How did you start out? Selling kick scooters and electric scooters.

What’s your mission statement? To get more people out of their cars and onto bikes, whether they be folding or electric or both!

Why do you do it? Because the world needs a good way to get around that promotes health, energy, and excitement!

How do you go about matching a person to the right bike? We find out what they want to do and pick the best product suited to their needs. We never try to push a bike because it’s more expensive or happens to be in stock, we’re always looking to set each customer up with the perfect bicycle for their needs whether it be a $600 bike $3,800 bike.

Tell us about your vlogs: Our videos are all about giving customers the best access to information in the industry. We want everyone to know exactly what they are getting and how it will perform. It’s the closest you can get to the classic “try before you buy” when shopping online.

Earliest cycling memory? Peter’s earliest is riding in a child seat on the back of his parent’s bike next to Boston Harbor.

Why folders? Simple, they fold! What could be more convenient than a portable bicycle? Here in New York, we don’t have any space, our subways are hot and crowded, our streets have bike lanes, and our businesses are bicycle-friendly. That means you can bring a bike with you where ever you go and avoid crowded public transit or expensive gas station stops. Unless you’re stopping for Gatorade!

What’s on the horizon for NYCE Wheels? Always looking to find new ways of engaging our customers and making ourselves more accessible and open to the public. We’re the opposite of the online retailer that doesn’t even have a phone number. We want to hear from our customers and get direct real-time feedback. We’re all about sharing the joy of getting a new bike with the world. Whether it be enabling Facebook comments on our entire website, filming and editing videos, or writing blogs about happenings around the shop NYCeWheels will continue to keep ourselves open to the world and ahead of the curve.