Finding Parts for Your Vintage DAHON Folding Bike

Finding Parts for Your Vintage DAHON Folding Bike

What to do if your DAHON Classic needs repairs or upgrades?

A very common question for us at DAHON is whether we stock certain parts for our old models. Since our founding in 1982, we’re celebrating 35 years in the biz! So that equates to an awful lot of folding bikes riding all over the world. We’re especially proud of the great number of vintage bikes that are still serving owners old and new decades later.

But all bikes are subject to wear and tear. So undoubtedly people will be on the hunt for replacements and spares. Sorry to confirm that we simply don’t have any vintage stock for bikes from decades past. But we do have some suggestions for you on how to solve that problem.

The first places to look would be ebay, craigslist, gumtree, or the equivalent in your country. Try a bunch of different search terms to make sure you’re not missing anything. Before the name DAHON came Hon, so you might get lucky searching for Hon Convertible. The condition of the second-hand bikes available varies quite a lot, and so does the price. So you might be able to pick up a good deal that you can use for spares, or lovingly revive and add to your collection!

Searching those sites won’t always bring you what you need. So if you’re willing to wait, we suggest setting up a google alert. Again, try a few different terms and quotation marks if it’s something really specific.

Finally, let’s take a look at the modern phenomenon of 3D printing. This is a really great development for vintage bike lovers and you can already find a few people who have been publishing their DAHON-related projects to benefit others, some on Thingiverse and some on this blog. We haven’t tried these out ourselves so we can’t vouch for their safety and fit, but they look great and we applaud the designers. If you have used 3D printing to replace any vintage DAHON parts, and want your work to benefit other riders, let us know on social media so we can share!

And one little note before we go – if you didn’t know, you can find a couple of vintage DAHON manuals available for download at the bottom of this page. Happy riding!