Introducing the DAHON Society

Introducing the DAHON Society

┬áNight rides and good times with Thailand’s thriving folding bike club

Dec 6 2015 – The folding bikers of Thailand, along with DAHON Thailand distributor Nava Bike, have built up a tremendous and welcoming club known as the DAHON Society.

With over 2,000 members and riders of DAHON bikes old and new, the club meet regularly for rides and socials. If you’ve clicked the link above you’ll also find lively discussion and lots of photos online.

Even heavy rain can’t dampen their spirits. For their latest expedition more than 50 people gathered after huge downpours to celebrate the King’s December 5th birthday. The Society took a ride down Ratchadamneun Road where the streets had been decorated with a variety of lights and lanterns, making for a magical experience.

Just a few weeks earlier we shared photos from their 2015 River Festival gathering of more than 30 DAHON riders. This night right took in the old city area and the Chaopraya River. If you happen to live in or be visiting Bangkok, we encourage you to get in touch with these folding bike lovers or DAHON Thailand and see what’s up.

Got a folding bike event of your own planned anywhere in the world? Let us know and we can help to spread the word!