K3 PLUS review from Chinese media

K3 PLUS review from Chinese media

At DAHON HQ we were delighted to have our latest K3 PLUS model featured in Chinese online media Meiqi, check out a translated extract below:

The K series has been a classic model from DAHON’s catalog of high-performance lightweight folding bikes. More recently, the K3 PLUS,  a larger wheeled version of the K3, has been introduced to the international market with a great response.

The K3 PLUS adopts a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and front fork. The whole bike is small and exquisite. It continues the classic K3 color scheme, with four kinds of paint: red, white, yellow and blue.

The K3 PLUS folding system is very quick and convenient. DAHON’s lightweight forging folder, has a V-shaped outer foldable standpipe, and a second-generation wide standpipe/seatpost clip that can quickly complete the folding action. It only takes three simple steps to fold. When folded, the length of the folding bike is reduced to 70cm, greatly saving floor space, and is very convenient to fit into a car for multi-modal outings.

Riders will notice that the front stem and handlebars of the K3 PLUS are stored between the front and rear wheels after being folded. This is the new and improved inward folding structure of the K3 PLUS, making it more safe and reliable, with its design being more compact, so easier to carry and walk with it.

In terms of configuration, the K3 PLUS has an evolved design from its predecessor, the K3, which is embodied in the increase of wheel diameter, speed difference, crankset, the lengthening of the wheelbase, and upgrading of the disc brakes.



From the previous 3-speed flywheel of the K3, to a custom 9-speed flywheel for the K3 PLUS, the shifting is more dense; and as the hollow one-piece chainring has been increased to 55T; the gear ratio range has increased. Whether you want to go high speed or keep cruising, you can find the right pedal rhythm for your cycling.

The front of the K3 PLUS is neat and tidy, including its wiring, which will please riders.

Upgraded from 14-inch to 16-inch large wheel diameter, the riding is more stable, and its upgraded disc brakes are also very powerful, with full braking power. From careful observation of the K3 PLUS, the double bearing wheel seems simple and practical.

Italian SR & DAHON custom racing saddle is comfortable and supportive, making it suitable for long-term riding.


The inner cable entry and exit angles are very smooth and reasonable, so there’s likely to be no mix-ups, even in the bike’s folded state. It’s a great design that is worthy of praise.

Riding experience

The compact and lightweight K3 PLUS is very convenient to carry. It is a small foldable bike that people would happy to take out for a ride. Its simple yet high-value appearance is very in line with the current outdoor camping trend and is greatly for exploring the outside world.

Although it looks like a small foldable, it has a wild racing heart. The first ride of K3 PLUS feels super light; its lightweight body and accessories is matched with a custom 9-speed transmission system that makes the bike pedal effortlessly.

In addition, the upgraded wire-pulling disc brakes bring an improved braking force, clear brake feel and accurate response, further enhancing confidence in high-speed mobility.

The 55T one-piece hollow chainring is powerful in high-speed riding, and the frame is rigid enough to withstand high power output. The body with a longer wheelbase brings better stability during high-speed travel, and high-speed cruising on a folding bike is no longer a dream.

To summarize, the DAHON K3 PLUS folding bike is light and easy to ride; feels stable and comfortable under high-speed cruising, with all-round upgrades from the original K3 bike, which make it a folding bike with both a great look and high strength!