Leading Facebook highlights of 2021 so far

Leading Facebook highlights of 2021 so far

As we are almost halfway through 2021, let’s check out our posts on Facebook that have created the most cycling buzz so far!

1. First place is our promotion of the YouTube video of NEW pandemic special edition model HIT, it is exciting to see that our fans are just as excited about it as we are, with this post receiving the highest engagement so far this year!

Check out full post here. Or watch YouTube video demo directly through this link.

2. Coming in second is this epic photo of the mighty Vigor model on the rocks!

Check it out in all its glory.

3. And the Bronze award goes to this amazing photography of the Boardwalk in a forest setting.

Take a closer look at the whole post by clicking here.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick recap of 2021 Facebook highlights so far and stay tuned for more cycling content as we ride through the rest of 2021. Stay safe!