Meet DAHON’s Retro Folding Bike: Boardwalk

Meet DAHON’s Retro Folding Bike: Boardwalk

Our Boardwalk bicycle has been a fan favorite through the years! Riders have regularly praised its sleek, elegant design when we’ve shared photos of it on social media. Our newest international version of the Boardwalk is in our MY 2023 line-up, check it out here.

Let’s get up close and personal with this model and take a closer look at Boardwalk D5, that’s available in the Chinese market.

Cycling on retro bikes has become very popular in recent years, originating in London, UK, and has spread to many different parts of the globe. DAHON’s Boardwalk folding bicycle design embodies that retro feel, all packaged together with DAHON’s famous innovative tech that’s evolved through its 40 year history.  Its frame is made from lightweight chro-mo (chromoly),  and is available in a classic set of vintage inspired colors that capture the retro essence of British style!

Boardwalk D5’s exquisite silhouette stands out by the lake and street.

One of the most unique and loved parts of the Boardwalk by cycling enthusiasts is the DAHON logo stamped on a metal nameplate of its chro-mo frame.

Boardwalk has an adjustable handlepost with firm locking that is easy to adjust to fit a range of heights and rider preferences.

Boardwalk is a retro- inspired folder with modern powers! It’s easy to fold and unfold in a few simple steps, and comes with the Deltec Safety Cable that doesn’t disturb the bike’s folding process while working perfectly in-sync with the bicycle’s cables and fittings. The Deltec increases the frame’s strength, upping its load capacity and also minimizes riding flex. This Boardwalk bicycle also contains targeted, reinforced main tubing, which flattens and elongates right where it joins with the frame, offering outstanding strength and stiffness.

And last but not least this is the Boardwalk D7 in its folded and unfolded state!

We hope you enjoyed this snapshot of our Boardwalk folding bicycles!

Check out the specs of the Boardwalk D7 from the MY 2023 international line up. Please note model specs can vary slightly through different regions and years, get the most up-to-date info and pricing available for this model in your country by getting in touch with your local DAHON dealer/distributor by accessing their contact details.