Meet more of the latest DAHON models – Archer P8, Mariner D8, K ONE, Vybe D7, SUV D6, Dream D6 and GB-2

Meet more of the latest DAHON models – Archer P8, Mariner D8, K ONE, Vybe D7, SUV D6, Dream D6 and GB-2

As we eagerly await the arrival of the new model DAHON HIT in spring, we wanted to give our fans a quick recap of the latest DAHON bikes that are suitable for urban, leisure, road, or tour cycling adventures. For this second article about available models for 2021, we are shining the spotlight on Archer P8, Mariner D8, K ONE, Vybe D7, SUV D6, Dream D6, and GB-2.

If you would like to buy any of the bikes listed, simply get in touch with your local DAHON dealer or distributor. You can access their contact details from our website page.


Archer P8

The Archer P8 knows where it’s going and how to get there. With high-end performance and style, it will race you to victory.  Its stiff frame, rigid steering, and comfy tires are uncompromising, even on the worst roads.

For Archer, P8 specifications check out its product page here.


Mariner D8

The Mariner D8 is one of our most popular bicycles. It is a high-quality, lightweight bike at a surprisingly affordable price. Its portability makes the Mariner D8 ideal for trips that include a stretch by bus or train – perfect for multi-modal or urban transport. Take it on your next adventure.

For Mariner, D8 specifications click here for more information.



The K ONE is a light and speedy bike that is both adaptable and compact to meet the needs of the city as well as the rural environment. Transform the way you travel by quick folding and the freedom to carry and store your bike where you want.

For K ONE specifications view its details here.



Our lightweight aluminum Vybe D7 gets you moving, with a retro design and seven speeds of gear range. This crowd-pleasing folding bike promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features that today’s busy people have come to expect. A better ride.

For Vybe D7 specifications check out its product page for more information.


The SUV D6 is the embodiment of versatility and has compact wheels and a folding frame that can be stowed away in seconds. This sturdy bike is perfect for maneuvring through busy streets, along the waterfront, or for storage in a camper van. It’s a gateway to get out and play.

For SUV D6 specifications view the information here.


Dream D6

More than just a dream: catch a smooth ride with sturdy Hi-Ten steel blades and a steerer. The minimalistic design and striking colors make it a real eye-catcher. The Dream D6 is the perfect companion in urban areas or on outdoor adventures.

For Dream, D6 specifications view on the product page.



The GB-2 is a real stand-out. A 650b folding gravel bike aluminum frame, the bike also features low gearing, disk brakes, and drop bars. The folding convenience makes this bike easier to transport and stow, which opens up additional possibilities for outdoor adventures.

For GB-2 specifications visit its product page.

For information about the availability and prices of DAHON bikes in your region, it is always best to contact your local dealer or distributor, you can find out their contact details here.