Press Release: DAHON Announces Launch of New Electric Drive: Unio E9

Press Release: DAHON Announces Launch of New Electric Drive: Unio E9

9 speed folding electric bike brings power and convenience

Dahon Unio E9    Dahon Unio E9 folded view

July 09, 2021, Olney, IL – After the announcement of their pandemic special edition bike HIT, earlier in 2021, folding bike pioneer DAHON has added another new folder to their innovative lineup, electric model Unio E9.

In recent years electric bicycles have become increasingly popular worldwide. As the latest newcomer to DAHON’s lineup, the Unio E9 follows on from its electric folding predecessors such as the Ikon ED8 and Ciao Ei7. This bike offers riders a wide range without sacrificing weight and looks; it gives great performance with 9 speeds and is powered by a 36V/200W motor with a 36V/8.7AH battery. Its folding capabilities are perfectly complemented with a hidden Seatpost battery and an ultra-light mid-motor. Customers can also benefit from the flexible option of purchasing it as a 16 inch or 20-inch wheel bike.

The Unio E9 includes DAHON’s trademark manufacturing qualities with a 9-speed rear derailleur and trigger shifter system, and its frame is a classic, horizontal, mid-fold made of a lightweight dalloy aluminum sonus tubeset, lattice forced hinge, and ViseGrip technology. The bike weighs in at 35.5 lbs. (16.1 kg) and for storage, it can fold to a compact size of 69x38x75cm. Riders will appreciate the speed and functionality of the Unio E9.

With this electric drive model, DAHON aims to keep innovating in the industry and support users in their daily lives with great speed and folding convenience. DAHON will strive to keep inspiring sustainable mobility for a better world while providing inventive and quality products to the bicycle market.

Samples are now available, with mass production for retail shipping globally from July 2021. Please email samantha@dahon.com for all inquiries.


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