Press Release: DAHON Carbon Fiber Bike Now Available for Shipping

Press Release: DAHON Carbon Fiber Bike Now Available for Shipping

Celebratory edition folding bike Anniversary 40 set to delight fans worldwide


September 21st, 2022, Shenzhen, China – In its 40th year as a leading pioneer and innovator in the world bicycle market, DAHON has again evolved its globally renowned technology, in keeping with industry trends, to develop its first ever carbon-fiber folding bike. Anniversary 40 is also DAHON’s limited edition 40th birthday bike, and is now available to order worldwide.

Since DAHON was established in 1982, it has built up a remarkable legacy with well-rounded praise from the bicycle trade and fans alike; the folding bicycle trailblazer has been improving its tech through the years to constantly boost the lifestyles of an increasingly wider range of riders around the world. To this day, DAHON remains true to its commitment of endless innovation with the roll-out of the Anniversary 40, an ultra-light 20 inch folding bike, the first it has created from carbon fiber material. To mark this special milestone in DAHON’s legacy, the bike has a golden DAHON 40 emblem customized onto its front stem, adding a gleaming finish to its exquisite carbon black paintwork. The sharp look of this anniversary bicycle will cause road cyclists to make an impact wherever they go.

The Anniversary 40 frame is made of 100% carbon-fiber, well known as the main material for professional racing cars due its powerful, lightweight yet sufficiently rigid characteristics. With components including its frame, front fork, handlebar, rim, crank, and seatpost being made of this groundbreaking material, it’s no surprise that this bike weighs 9.4kg but can also bear a weight of 100kg!

Riders will be delighted with the flexibility, speed and strength of this bike; its diamond frame adopts DAHON’s integrated Lock Jaw hinge technology, a super sturdy and almost invisible, easy-to-use locking mechanism, that allows for quick folding in seconds. Its Shimano 11 speed derailleur and hydraulic disc brakes deliver great endurance for cycling adventures. DAHON puts its products through a rigorous testing process (30% over standard), and Anniversary 40 is no exception; its R&D team tirelessly developed and put this bike through its paces to ensure riders can deal with difficult road conditions such as bumpiness, steps, overpasses and steep hills.

DAHON’s special folding edition also boasts more user-friendly technology for ultimate compactness when carrying or stowing away in its folded state; its stem contains a holder that fixes the bike’s body securely to the handlepost to avoid any scratching or swaying, both of its wheels can be magnetically secured together when folded, and a Datool gadget is concealed inside the bike for riders to use to loosen or tighten the folding hinge.

The Anniversary 40 is the result of four decades of craftsman and expertise, all folded into a high-end collectable. DAHON is proud to add this unique carbon fiber folding bike to its blockbuster line-up and can’t wait to watch its popularity unfold with fans and cycling enthusiasts across the globe. Limited to a run of just 249 units, those who don’t want to miss out on ordering the Anniversary 40 can email contact@dahon.com with the subject line “DAHON Anniversary 40 Reservation”.