Press Release: DAHON Introduces Electric Version of Its Most Compact Folding Bike Ever

Press Release: DAHON Introduces Electric Version of Its Most Compact Folding Bike Ever

CURL Ei4 set to delight multi-modal cyclists with more power and convenience

August 5, 2022, Olney, IL – The CURL has been DAHON’s most compact folding superstar from its four-decade legacy of stand-out bicycles, it has been amazing fans worldwide with its high adjustability, speed and neat folding capacity. Building on its popularity, DAHON has responded to growing consumer needs for electric bicycles by evolving the CURL i4 into an upgraded electric version: CURL Ei4.

DAHON has always being at the forefront of innovation throughout its 40-year history and in more recent years it has been developing its green mobility services to integrate electric power into its user-friendly folding bikes, satisfying an even wider range of customers. Its newest folding e-bike, CURL Ei4, was showcased exclusively in-person at one of the most important shows in the bicycle industry calendar Eurobike with other electric and non-electric folding products from the global folding bike pioneer, that each have their own take on compact portability and storability.

The CURL Ei4 has the resilient DAHON patented Flip Frame with Autolatch of its predecessor CURL i4 alongside the familiar crowd-pleasing core components of its 3-point folding system, a roller rack and 4 internal hub gears; the new evolved electric model has also been switched up with a 36V/250W motor, 36V/7AH battery, and 16 inch sturdy Fat Wheels.

DAHON has designed this ultra-compact folding model to improve multi-modal travel for a larger range of riders worldwide than ever before, by providing a more sustainable transport solution to the car that also helps them to ride further, faster and be more equipped to tackle hills than the standard non-electric bicycle. CURL Ei4 hits the weighing scales at 37.48 lbs (17 kg) and will delight riders with a range of easy storage options, it vertically folds into a tidy package of 68x45x61cm.

With this electric drive, DAHON commits to keeping making a difference in the world by giving wider access to sustainable mobility for all, in its efforts to reduce global fossil fuel consumption for a better world. The leading folding bike brand will not stop at innovating its globally renowned technology with its dedication to keep boosting the daily lives of customers with great quality, speed and folding convenience.

CURL Ei4 will be available for shipping globally from November/ December 2022. Please email DAHON’s Head of Sales, Samantha samantha@dahon.com for any inquiries.


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