Press Release: DAHON Launches New Pandemic Special Model HIT

Press Release: DAHON Launches New Pandemic Special Model HIT

December 24, 2020, Olney, IL – Folding bike pioneer DAHON has unveiled an economical 2021 model as an ideal partner to help the general public in fighting the pandemic.

Due to the current situation regarding covid-19, most of the public without cars have no choice but accept the risk of taking public transportation – without social distancing. Many people have discovered that riding bikes is the most convenient and healthy way to get around. As a result, demands for bikes, especially folding bikes, have far outstripped supplies, jacking up prices, unfortunately.

DAHON, realizing its social responsibility, has decided to offer a special edition to fulfill global demands. Costs and margins have been painstakingly slashed up-and-down the supply chain to make the DAHON HIT a special bargain for everybody, including new fans. Along with DAHON’s renowned quality, the HIT has been strengthened to take on a wider range of riders – by strengthening its seat tube and completing the front triangle utilizing its Deltech cable. Consequently, the frame warranty has been extended from 5 years to 10 years. Riders of up to 137 kg can enjoy this well-built machine with confidence.

The HIT features many quality components of DAHON’s own design/manufacture, including an outstanding 6-speed derailleur system especially for folding bikes, on a 6061 alloy frame. Weighing in at just 26.6 lbs (12.06 kg) and folding to a compact 26×13.8×32.3″ (66x35x82cm) for storage as well as performance, the “HIT” will hit the market in spring in glorious red and mystery matte black, to make color matching easy.

Riders will appreciate the cost-effectiveness and functionality of the DAHON HIT. After the ravages of Covid-19, the HIT will hopefully help inspire sustainable mobility. As the world looks to 2021 for bouncing back from the pandemic, DAHON hopes that this labor of love will support the surging interest in bicycling to drive economic and ecological changes for a better world.

Samples are now available, with mass production for retail shipping globally in Spring 2021. Please email samantha@dahon.com for all enquiries.


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