Sharing 360 Program Success

Sharing 360 Program Success

Launched around one year ago, double branding business has started with a total of 6 well-known brands, including Japan, Indonesia and China. Several others are expected to be engaged soon. The technology sharing program, in the form of proven, patented parts, already counts over a dozen partners, and growing fast.


“The sharing economy is a growing global trend. With Sharing 360, DAHON presents to you a great business opportunity – to benefit from DAHON’s success.”


What is the Sharing 360 Program?

We at DAHON want our partners to benefit from our brand value. Therefore, we are currently offering tw0 individual schemes for partners across the globe: Technology Sharing and Double Branding. Read on to find out what’s the difference, and for some successful cases that launched recently:

Technology Sharing

With the “Technology Sharing” program, licensees benefit from our market-proven components and technology that surpass all quality and safety expectations. These quality components can be identified through laser sticker technology. DAHON’s innovative technologies can optimize the performance of both regular bikes and folding bikes in unique ways.

Double Branding

DAHON also offers the “Double Branding” Program. Further to accessing notable DAHON IPR, licensees can also use the DAHON brand as part of this program. Licensees may use the double brand “DAHON by ABC” or “DAHON ABC”, where “ABC” is a brand of the licensees, such as DAHON ION. The licensees then have the priority to use DAHON’s latest technologies. Different categories are applicable, like e-bikes, children’s bikes, MTB and more. Both online and off-line marketing are allowed. This helps licensees to raise their brand value and capitalize on DAHON’s brand value!


Success story #1: DAHON ION

Successfully launched in March in Indonesia, DAHON ION is already taking off! With their own models DAHON.ION Madison, Denver, Chicago and Eugene, DAHON ION has grown its popularity in Indonesia and beyond!

Photo credits to: Elementmtb.com

To celebrate the launch, Dahon Ion Indonesia, PT. Roda Maju Bahagia, the Indonesian Dahon Community and the reseller Sinar Baik Semarang held a great group ride event “BACK TO DAHON”. 

Success story #2: DAHON GLO Indonesia

For those who do want to use DAHON technology but not design their own bikes, we developed DAHON GLO (global). These are already successfully integrated on the global market and are currently being sold on Amazon and through dealers across the world.

Our dealer in Indonesia celebrated the launch in March 2020. Many happy faces and their folders were spotted at the event, supported by Ace Hardware & Bike Colony and DAHON ION Indonesia. Check out some video footage here. Credits to ACE Hardware.


For more information on these programs and how to get in contact, check out this page.