Spotlight on – the DAHON Cadenza D27

Spotlight on – the DAHON Cadenza D27

DAHON Cadenza d27 full size folding bike            

Get to know the DAHON Cadenza D27 folding bike a little better

So who’s this bike for? Let’s start with what the DAHON Cadenza is not – 26″ wheels are not top of the list for a space conscious, city commuter or someone who wants to pack a bike into a suitcase on the regular. Of course if you’ve got the space to store or lock your bike up somewhere safe, those wheels will be no trouble. And the bike still folds, so it beats out other ‘full size’ bikes in that regard.

1991 DAHON Mountain Gold Folding Bike AdAs with any DAHON, the folding mechanism is the key to this bike. The Cadenza is for you if you are a rider who is less concerned about a small folded footprint and a tiny bike to carry through the subway, but still want the advantages of being able to quickly store your ride. Some cyclists like the Cadenza because it satisfies the folding criteria of particular metros and railways that don’t allow standard bicycles, and even end up rarely having to fold the bike. DAHON have been making full sized folding bikes since the 90s and you will usually find one in the lineup. The Cadenza returned in 2015 thanks to high demand on social media. So get in touch! If it’s practically possible, we do listen.

When the bike isn’t folded the LockJaw hinge is barely visible, making this and the DAHON Datool folding bike accessoryDash a folding bike ‘in disguise’. The interlocking teeth release via the DaTool or a 6mm Allen key. The majority of DAHON bikes fold without tools, but the LockJaw allows for more traditional bicycle frame shapes as well as a more streamlined look. The DaTool stores neatly and securely in the handlebar, so it’s always there when you need it. This particular hinge also means the Cadenza weighs in at a very reasonable 13.5kg (30lbs).

Two further touches make for even easier storage: the Cadenza sports a D4D Quickpark stem, which allows the handlebar to swing down and parallel to the frame in seconds, and without tools. The award winning design uses a large quick release with a memory function so you can find your usual setup in no time. The D4D and quick release pedals mean even when you don’t want to fold the frame, you can flat-pack it in seconds to slide into the garage or through narrow openings. Finally, you’ll find a wheeled rack on some models that allows you to stand the bike vertically for more storage options and for easy riding in the elevator.

Check out the Cadenza in the bikes menu for more details and specs (we didn’t even get around to mentioning the disk brakes) and you can contact your local dealer or national distributor to see if this bike is stocked near you.